Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pimpin' ain't easy

Have you ever wanted to approach a babe sporting a jersey at Happy Hour? Or at a game, sitting next to a hottie, with nothing to say? It can be intimidating jumping into a sports convo when you feel like you know nada. 

To get you prepped on throwing out that first line, I wanted to provide some tips. I asked some guy friends to fill me in on something a girl has done, or could do, to grab their attention. Here are some of their sporty stories and some lines that would blow their mind.  Get your notepad ready!

Please excuse some of the grammar in the stories - some of these stories are word for word emails/texts from the boys (and we all know which sex has a bigger brain). Also, don't take offense to some of the guys' answers - at least they're honest, right?

From a Chargers fan-
"One time I was at Target and I was waiting in line at the checkout, wearing my Rivers jersey (that's the Chargers quarterback). Behind me was a pretty cute girl - an 8, maybe and 8.5. I was standing in line for a bit and finally she said "Happy Holidays!" So I turned to her and said "Happy Holidays? It's June, sweetheart". She then told me.. "I know, but the first day of training camp starts tomorrow". She then went on to say "I'm gonna miss Drew (Brees - former Chargers quarterback and now QB for the Saints) but Rivers was a stud at North Carolina State, so I'm not too worried about him." Her hotness had jumped to a 12 after she said that. A girl that does her homework and knows about players in their college days, and knows important dates like the draft and training camp are soo sexy! She didn't over do it, nor did she try to challenge me to a sports trivia dual (which she would have lost anyway) or anything. She said just enough."

From an extreme sports fan-
"It's not necessarily what a girl can say to impress me, it's what she can do. I love when girls are active and at least try sports with me. I once had a girl go skydiving with me, even though she was super scared of heights. That was awesome!"

From a UFC/Raider fan-
"It's so cool when a girl can watch a fight (a UFC fight) and not be all freaked out and pretend like she's going to cry. I like when girls are tough. But not tougher than me."

From a Giants fan-
"If a girl came up to me at a bar and could name the roster of the Giants 1989 World Series team.. I would probably marry her on the spot."

From an all around sports fanatic-
"What always gets my attention, but it takes actual work/involvement, is when a girl says something relating to her fantasy football team while watching the game. Easy icebreaker into a convo."
*Can't remember what a fantasy team is? Click here*

From a Padres fan-
"The best thing a girl can do is not over due it, but know her shit. I don't like when a girl can yell louder than me at a game, but I do like it when she can name the next batter up. Also, being a San Diego fan, I like a girl who is true to her roots, even if the team sucks. Oh and a girl who can eat a hotdog and kick back a few beers instead of ordering a salad at a game is super attractive."

From a Sharks/Niners/A's fan-
"Just don't wear pink jerseys. I'll seriously kick you out of my car."

From a Kings fan-
"If a girl could shoot the shit with me about players stats and actually be able to talk shit back to me - instant boner."

From a Giants/Niners fan-
"When the Giants were in the playoffs last year, it was so annoying to see all my female friends so into the Giants, when a month earlier they were A's fans. They even bought Giants hats, I mean come on! Teams don't want your support unless you're a full time fan. No bandwagon fans! Pick a team and stick with them. That's hot."

From a Padres/Chargers fan-
"No one really has a strick set of guidelines. If a girl actually knows what she is talking about, its a turn on, and if she just acts like it, its a turn off."

From a Dodgers/Chargers fan-
"I don't care if a girl knows a thing about football or not, but it is so hot when girls wear jerseys."

From a Lakers/Chargers/Padres fan-
"I think it's cool when a girl tries to know sports, even if she doesn't really get it. At least try to understand the game and pretend like you enjoy going to games. I have to wait 2 hours for you to get ready everyday, so you can at least spend a couple hours at a game. Shit."

From a Giants/Niners fan-
"Bring me beers and food while I watch a game, and I'll buy you a ring in no time."

From an all around fan-
"If a girl went up to me that would probably be enough. No lines necessary. Guys love an attractive, confident girl." 

So there you go ladies, sports crazy or not, just walking up to a guy can be enough to get their attention. I know it's easier said than done, so if you need an extra boost - catch Sports Center while getting ready for work, join a fantasy league, keep reading this blog (obviously!), and you'll know enough in no time. And good luck keeping the boys off you once you're an all-knowing sports goddess. 

photo via Campus Socialite



  1. OMG laughed soOOOoooooO hard at these! Partially because you can almost call these people out to the T. I wish you put the names :)

    this one got to me and i couldn't agree more!!! Such a great blog chels

    From a Sharks/Niners/A's fan-
    "Just don't wear pink jerseys. I'll seriously kick you out of my car."

  2. This is so funny Chels! I seriously need to start following your tips so I can keep up with Nick, lol.

  3. haha this is awesome!