Monday, February 28, 2011

Quiz: What kind of fan are you?

Usually girls fall into 3 categories when it comes to sports:

1. The uber-fan, who can keep up with all the beer drinking, sports-talking jocks.
2. The semi-fan, who can enjoy a game and name a few players, but might enjoy a mani pedi a bit more.
3. The anti-fan, who doesn't enjoy/understand/respect/participate in anything when the word "sports" is involved.

Find out what kind of sports diva you are with this quiz. No guys are allowed to assist and no googling the answers!

1. What team did Carmelo Anthony just get traded to?
A. New York Knicks
B. Denver Nuggets
C. Who is Carmelo and what sport does he play?

2. What does NOT belong?
1. Free throw
2. Traveling
3. Home run

3. What is your dream date?
a. Roses, a fancy dinner, and going for a stroll on the beach.
b. Catching a football game (live), tailgating and possible drunk make outs.
c. Heading to a local bar (games on or not, you don't care) for drinks, a low key dinner and heading to a funny movie.

4. Who won the Super Bowl this year?
a. Super what?
b. Pittsburgh Steelers
c. Green Bay Packers

5. What is a football position?
a. Safety
b. Point Guard
c. Ball thrower

6. Who is Reggie Bush?
a. A football player
b. Kim Kardashians ex
c. An athlete

7. Which of these is a professional team?
a. San Diego Supermen
b. Chicago Yankees
c. Indiana Pacers

8. Your ideal boyfriend/future husband would:
a. Never watch sports
b. Catch the occasion game and beer with a buddy
c. Know all there is to know/have season tickets to all pro sports

9. To a baseball game you would wear:
a. An authentic jersey of your favorite player
b. A pink jersey for one of the teams playing
c. Your Sunday best (high heels of course!)

10. Who was the first African American pro baseball player?
a. Michael Jordan
b. Jackie Robinson
c.  Barry Bonds

All done! Add up your points to see how you did.

1. a-3, b-2, c-1
2. a-3, b-3, c-1
3. a-1, b-3, c-2
4. a-1, b-2, c-3
5. a-3, b-2, c-1
6. a-3, b-1, c-2
7. a-1, b-2, c-3
8. a-1, b-2, c-3
9. a-3, b-2, c-1
10. a-1, b-3, c-2

10-16 points: Hello Anti-Fans! You're more of a princess than a player, but you might like it that way. If you're trying to step out of your sports-hating ways, try to catch a game here and there. Live is the best way to go, so gather some girlfriends and venture out to a pro sports event (high heels are fine for now, but eventually you'll need to purchase some Vans - they even come in pink.) You'll most likely be surprised at the high energy level and handsome gents in the crowd. Say goodbye to your prima donna past!

17-23 points: The Semi-Fan. Congrats, you're half way to becoming a know-it-all sports honey. You understand most of the game and can name a few star players in pro sports (most likely the hottest ones, but that counts!). To up your sports scoop, step out of your comfort zone and get into a new sport. Golf, tennis, extreme sports - anything that you're not too sure of. You'll learn about different athletes, fresh games and might even come out with a new favorite hobby!

24-30 points: Shout outs to my Uber-Fans! You're a guys dream girl (unless the guy is in the 5% of guys who don't like sports). Not only can you name the stats, players, and get the game, you always know what the latest sports buzz is. You're not intimidated to keep up with the boys and rep for the female fans. If you haven't already, get into a Fantasy league or try the world of sports betting. Keep doing what you're doing - you're making the girls look good!

photo via Grae Gram

Friday, February 25, 2011

Real Housewives of Athletes

From the OG Real Houswives of Orange County, to the newest in Miami, these ladies have been showing us that they are into more than glitz, glamour and table tossing - they are also fond of rollin' with athletes. I'm not calling anyone names, but a few words do come to mind when I think of these money-hungry wifeys.

Miami's season just kicked off this week (if SOMEHOW you missed the glorious event, you can catch the first episode on Bravo). Two of the Housewives are, or were married to NBA stars and the trend doesn't stop there. Many Housewives have been involved with pro athletes of all kinds:

Real Housewives of Miami

Larsa Pippen & retired NBA superstar husband, Scottie Pippen.
photo via FamousWhy
These two might actually be a legit, loving duo. They have been married for over a decade and have four children together. I'm crossing my fingers that it lasts!

Cristy Rice, divorced from former NBA champion, Glen Rice
photo via Baller Wives
These two went through 5 children together and 1 ugly divorce. Here is a little more juice on the ex-couple.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield, divorced from former Atlanta Falcon player, Bob Whitfield
photo via Wet Paint
The ATL housewife and her ex divorced in 2009 and have 2 kids together.

Real Housewives of Orange County

Jeana Keough is divorced from former MLB player, Matt Keough
photo via BuddyTV

photo via Bump Shack
At least this pair produced 3 gorgeous children, as seen on the show. I'm hoping her one-time hubby was WAY more of a fox back in the day??

Another Real Housewive-esque pleasure that I'm currently obsessed with:

The X-Life

photo via Zimbio

It follows the hectic lives of 3 extreme sport athletes and their dramatic ladies.

(from left to right in the pic above)
Pierre Luc Gagnon - skateboarder
Cory Nastazio* - BMX rider
Jeremy Stenburg - motocross rider

Check it out.

*MAJOR babe

For all you gold digging wannabe's, click here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The good, the bad & the ugly

One of my favorite things about my roommate is how she chooses the team she's rooting for. If we're watching a game that she doesn't know much about, it's pretty much guaranteed that she'll pick the team with the "cutest uniform" as her fave. 

In dedication to her keen fashion sense, I've picked the best and worst dressed teams in the pro sports world. 

WARNING: Some may be hard on the eyes

*NFL Best Dressed*

San Diego Chargers
Not only are the Chargers my #1 team, but they also look the best. The baby blues, the simple helmets and a lighting bolt - makes for a dream jersey!

photo via SI

*NFL Worst Dressed*

Cincinnati Bengals
I mean really, WHO wants to look like a tiger? Not I. No one looks good in Halloween themed stripes. 

photo via Bodog Beat

*MLB Best Dressed*

Philadelphia Phillies
The All-American color scheme and a classic pin stripe win my vote. (Not to mention, Cole Hamels is a gorgeous model for the uniform).

photo via Renovo Media

*MLB Worst Dressed*

Los Angeles Dodgers
Not sure if I hate these jerseys because of the blah grey or the fans that sport them. Either way, a Dodger jersey looks bad on all. 

photo via WGEM

*NBA Best Dressed*

Golden State Warriors
I like the coordinating colors and fresh design. I like the old school feel with a new school look. And I like the Bay Area. Warriors win.

*NBA Worst Dressed*

Los Angeles Lakers
I know Lakers fans won't be thrilled, but you can't be surprised. Kobe barely pulls of these blinding/clashing colors and he is pretty much flawless.

photo via Internet News

I tried to do a segment on the NHL boys too, but I honestly couldn't pick a hockey jersey worthy of "Best Dressed". The NHL needs a new stylist - ASAP.

Click here to pick up a new jersey, and fingers crossed that you're team isn't one of the worst.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Start your engines

The Daytona 500 - one of the motor sports biggest events of the year, is happening today in - you guessed it - Daytona Beach, FL! For those of you who are into the big engine sport, I've dedicated this post to everything Nascar. From the looks of this sport (rowdy crowds, fast cars, crazy crashes, beer drinking/hot dog eating fans) I might have a new favorite past time.

photo via eseats

Seriously interested in the race? Click.

Nascar may not be home to 7 foot tall superstars or athletes with ripped abs, but it does provide some All-American cuties. I don't know much about Nascar, so I won't pretend I do with stats and info - I'll just list the best looking drivers I could find. God bless America!

Kasey Kahne
 Helloooo baby blues!
photo via autoevolution

David Ragan 
Now that's a face you could bring home to Mom & Dad

Scott Speed
He might look like he's 12, but I assure you ladies, he's legal
photo via crash

Here are some personal photos, via my friend who works at the races (shout out to AK!) - some sassy, yet not-so-classy, fans. They may not be as babealicious as the guys pictured above, but you've gotta give them props for their dedication.

I'll leave you with a little clip from one of the BEST (and Nascar inspired!) movies of all time - Talladega Nights

The next big race is the Subway Fresh Fit 500, on February 27, in Phoenix. Get your homeade overalls ready, your American flags flying and don't forget your booze (being intoxicated is a necessity while hanging out with Nascar fans). See ya in Phoenix!

Click here for all things Nascar

Friday, February 18, 2011


Into basketball? Well, if you answered "yes" then you're in luck! Answered "no"? Well, you're out of luck - get into it. I'm not the worlds biggest bball fan, and I still get excited for  
**NBA All-Star Weekend**
photo via FanIQ

It's full of events, exhibitions, celeb sightings and the best part - it all takes place in one weekend. The NBA All-Star Weekend takes place every February and leads up to the All-Star game, which happens on Sunday night.This year, the jam packed weekend takes place in the City of Angeles.

Here's a line up of the weekends main events:

The name pretty much explains itself. It's a basketball game played by all sorts of celebs and retired players. The game also involves WNBA (Woman NBA league) and other athletes, which is pretty sweet.
Look here to see who's playing

This game is basically babies vs. toddlers. The newbies ("Rookies") compete against 2nd year players ("Sophmores"). 
More on the game here

These nighttime events include a dunk contest, a three-point shootout and a H-O-R-S-E competition (a fun, elimination game) all played by the minors.

D-LEAGUE (NBA's minor league) ALL-STAR GAME
The top minor league players duke it out in a game. 
More on the D-Leauge game here

Probably my favorite event of the weekend. Do you like "Dancing with the Stars" and judging the talented dancers? Just like the dancers do, the boys gets judged on how insane their dunks are. They get a score of 1-10 after each dunk, and points are added up to see who the ultimate dunker is. Feeling extra basketbally? Get some girls (and boys, if they will cooperate) together to watch, make your own score cards, and get judging!

Check out this video on last years top dunks. Craaaazy right?

NBA's top 3-point shooters get five shots from different spots on the court. They get points per shot to determine which player comes out on top.

Just like the old school obstacle courses we used to set up as kids, the pro's have to work around a course to shoot, dribble and pass. 

A NBA player, a retired player and a WNBA player compete together in a shoot competiton, while repping their city.

The weekends final event lets NBA's best of the best compete in a game - East vs. West.
Full roster here

photo via News Daily Brief

Even if you're not basketball crazy, or aren't sure what a "dunk" really is - cozy up on this winter weekend and catch some ballers do their thing. Nothing like a bunch of ego's trying to show one another up! 

Want more? Click here for the weekends full schedule

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

California Dreamin'

I've been doing a lot of traveling throughout CA lately, and each time I do so, I love this state more and more. We have the beaches, mountains, deserts, big cities, and not to mention some major athletes were born in the GOLDEN STATE
The list could go on forever, but here are some fellas worth mentioning:

West Covina, Ca
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback & Hall of Famer
photo via DC Times

San Mateo, Ca
BABE & New England Patriots quarterback
photo via Access Hollywood

San Diego, Ca
Kim K's ex & New Orleans Saints running back

Riverside, Ca
Former MLB star & major record holder (and avid steroid user)
photo via abc news

Martinez, Ca
Former NY Yankee & Hall of Famer
photo via myclassiclyrics

San Francisco, Ca
Point guard for the Dallas Mavericks 
photo via Hoopedia

San Diego, Ca
Professional Skateboarder
photo via Skate Update

Cypress, Ca
Professional Golfer and BAD GUY

a few others: Tony Romo, Mark McGwire, Ryan Schekler, O.J. Simpson, Phil Mickelson, Ted Williams

...and let's not forget the California girls!

Palos Verdes, Ca
Former #1 American professional tennis player
photo via Netbrawl

Westwood, Ca
Professional and Olympic figure skater
photo via nyquil

Lynwood, Ca
Professional tennis player
photo via 1800-sports

Torrance, Ca
Former professional figure skater and Olympic gold medalist 
photo via examiner

Nicely done, California. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


In my opinion, MLB spring training can be best compared to a pre-party. It's a time for major league baseball players to get ready for the regular season, just like pre-drinking gets you prepped for a party or the bars. The players have a chance to practice, get to know their team, and get prepared for their season to come. Just like taking shots gets you comfortable with your surroundings, feelin' loose, and ready to conquer a night on the town. Spring training is also a time for new players to try to fill roster spaces and make it on the team to stay. It's a fight of the fittest - just like prepartying; some (those who either took one too many tequila shots, or just can't hang with the big girls) stay home. The players that already have a spot on the roster, get more time to improve. As with pre-parties, the ones who can really throw 'em back, get more practice at that exactly.

photo via Shaping Youth

The players are going to start making their way to training starting this weekend. First come the pitchers and catchers, and about a week later, the rest of the team comes to start practicing. Fans are able to go to games, get drunk in the sun, and root on their teams. It gets fans and players pumped for the regular season and gives you a taste of America's finest pastime. Teams play in much smaller venues than regular season, so it's more of an intimate feel for fans & players. Spring training lasts from this upcoming weekend/week until the end of March, right before regular season. 

 photo via Chief Noc-a-Homa

Spring training takes place in Florida and Arizona - both places that allow you to escape the winter blues. Just like in the MLB, there are 2 leagues - but in spring training they are nicknamed the "Cactus" and "Grapefruit" leagues. (Hope this is a no brainer, but just in case, the Cactus league plays throughout Arizona, and the Grapefruit league plays in Florida.) Teams who train in Arizona play other teams who are also training nearby, and vice versa with Florida. Check out where your team plays, their schedule and tickets here

photo via ESPN

photo via ESPN

No plans for the next month? Book a flight, or take a road trip to go see the boys duke it out. Don't forget that Spring Break takes place over training weeks - look out for the college cuties (only if they are 18+).

If you're new to spring training, here is something that will help. Have fun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sayonara Football!

Football season is officially OVER

For some of you this may be something to celebrate, but for the rest of us, it's a sad, lonely time. At least the season ended with not only an exciting game, but also a victory that I was happy with! In case you were comatose during the Super Bowl, here are highlights and a few major moments:

Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers received the MVP nod, which he so rightfully earned. Have I mentioned he is from Americas finest city, Chico, CA? Congrats to my favorite A-Rod!

photo via PackersNews

Check out this clip with the MVP & Letterman from Monday night! What a cutie. 

For all the major sports devotees, there's no need for too many post-football tears - MLB spring training is just days away. I know I'm counting down the days til baseball games. Tailgating, hot dogs, chilled beers.. yes please!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weezy vs. Wiz

You've probably heard Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow", but have you heard Lil Wayne's comeback,  "Green & Yellow"?

Just a little somethin' somethin' for your Super Bowl mix. 

The time has come..

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow!

photo via alahlymobasher

Hopefully by now, you realize the contenders heading to the ship. The Green Bay Packers will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. Here's a little insight to both teams, prepping you for manana. Whether you'll be 100% focused on the game, or 100% not, it's always good to know a bit about the teams.

Since both of these teams have been solid enough to make it to the Super Bowl, neither team has too many weaknesses and instead, plenty of strengths.

Steelers Key Strengths:
*DEFENSE - Ranked 2nd in the NFL, the black & yellow defenders tend to basically shutout the rushing game of their opponents. What does that mean? They stop most carries and force teams to throw. Their rush defense will also put a lot of pressure of the Packers QB as he's trying to complete passes
*QB - Ben Roethlisberger is a beast. He can make plays out of anything and shrug off defenders. He struggled a bit in the early rounds of playoffs, completing slightly more than half of his passes, and was sacked 8 times (could also be seen as a Steelers weakness). But he came through when it counted, throwing late game TD's, advancing his team to the Super Bowl.
*EXPERIENCE - Over a dozen players on the Steelers roster (plus their head coach, Mike Tomlin) have been to the Super Bowl before and know what to expect.

Steelers Weaknesses: 
*ATTENTION SPAN -They sometimes lose focus during the game, and have made most of their recent victories down to the wire.
*They have a creep for a QB.

Packers Key Strengths:
*DEFENSE - Ranking 5th in the NFL, the Packers are also strong on D and are good at putting extreme pressure on the opposing QB's. Pittsburghs Big Ben will have to move & think quickly.
*QB - Aaron Rodgers is playing as well as a quarterback can right now, and his team has 100% confidence in him. He ranks 3rd in the NFL when it comes to pass ratings, and has only improved throughout the playoffs. He can throw bombs, scramble and is making a legendary name for himself. He also ain't bad to look at, ladies!
*SECONDARY - The Packers have picked off six passes throughout the playoffs and lead the league in pass efficiency defense (basically they make it hard for the opposing offense to complete passes).

Packers Weaknesses:
*RUN GAME - Even though the Packers have a strong run game, going up against such a dominate defense will be tough. They will be forced to get creative on offensive, throwing the ball a lot.
*LACK OF EXPERIENCE - Though the Green Bay franchise is no stranger to the Super Bowl, the current roster lacks Super Bowl exposure. Also, their QB is a young gun, who has yet to encounter the pressure of a Super Bowl game.

With legit defenses and bona fide QB's, both teams have all the ingredients to come out on top. Predictions for this game are pretty mixed, which should make for an extra dramatic game. I'm personally rooting for Green Bay, solely because Aaron Rodgers is a Chico legend and I love Chico. Game starts at 6:30 ET, so get to champagne brunch early and secure a spot by a TV. Happy watching!

For more on predictions, players and game day info, click here!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Game Bites

Invited to a Super Bowl party this Sunday but have no clue what sport we're even celebrating? No biggie. First, take a look here, and then check out the recipes below. Even if you're not a football maniac, you can put your energy into making a delish dish for the party goers. 

As I was clicking away through cyber space, I stumbled across these yummy recipes and figured they were perfect for a Super Bowl soiree. Plus, these recipes are all via Martha Stewart - and the girl can do no wrong (when it comes to recipes, that is).

If you're that girl (or boy - no discrimiation here) who likes to be extra crafty and creatvie with party planning, this fancy appetizer has your name all over it. Takes a little extra time and preparation, but it's almost too perfect to pass up.

photo via Martha Stewart

A little somethin' for my meat-eating boys and girls. Who doesn't love a juicy burger? And who doesn't love cute, flavorful sliders? (Don't forget the condiments!)

photo via Martha Stewart

I don't even like To-kill-ya and this drink looks not only refreshing and pretty, but easy. Cheers!

photo via Martha Stewart
Now that everyone is bloated and most likely a little tipsy, the sugar cravings really creep in. Post game is perfect timing for these adorable, delicious desserts (and a few more Tequila Touchdowns, obviously).

photo via Martha Stewart

Thank you, Martha!

...and for the not-yet-domestic ladies (like me) who aren't into slaving away in the kitchen & sporting aprons, I'll most likely be bringing pre-packaged chips, pre-made dip, and this to my friends party. No one will judge.

I'll be posting a blog later this week to get you geared up for the big game this Sunday, but until then, get your recipes (or non-recipes) ready.