Saturday, February 5, 2011

The time has come..

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow!

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Hopefully by now, you realize the contenders heading to the ship. The Green Bay Packers will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. Here's a little insight to both teams, prepping you for manana. Whether you'll be 100% focused on the game, or 100% not, it's always good to know a bit about the teams.

Since both of these teams have been solid enough to make it to the Super Bowl, neither team has too many weaknesses and instead, plenty of strengths.

Steelers Key Strengths:
*DEFENSE - Ranked 2nd in the NFL, the black & yellow defenders tend to basically shutout the rushing game of their opponents. What does that mean? They stop most carries and force teams to throw. Their rush defense will also put a lot of pressure of the Packers QB as he's trying to complete passes
*QB - Ben Roethlisberger is a beast. He can make plays out of anything and shrug off defenders. He struggled a bit in the early rounds of playoffs, completing slightly more than half of his passes, and was sacked 8 times (could also be seen as a Steelers weakness). But he came through when it counted, throwing late game TD's, advancing his team to the Super Bowl.
*EXPERIENCE - Over a dozen players on the Steelers roster (plus their head coach, Mike Tomlin) have been to the Super Bowl before and know what to expect.

Steelers Weaknesses: 
*ATTENTION SPAN -They sometimes lose focus during the game, and have made most of their recent victories down to the wire.
*They have a creep for a QB.

Packers Key Strengths:
*DEFENSE - Ranking 5th in the NFL, the Packers are also strong on D and are good at putting extreme pressure on the opposing QB's. Pittsburghs Big Ben will have to move & think quickly.
*QB - Aaron Rodgers is playing as well as a quarterback can right now, and his team has 100% confidence in him. He ranks 3rd in the NFL when it comes to pass ratings, and has only improved throughout the playoffs. He can throw bombs, scramble and is making a legendary name for himself. He also ain't bad to look at, ladies!
*SECONDARY - The Packers have picked off six passes throughout the playoffs and lead the league in pass efficiency defense (basically they make it hard for the opposing offense to complete passes).

Packers Weaknesses:
*RUN GAME - Even though the Packers have a strong run game, going up against such a dominate defense will be tough. They will be forced to get creative on offensive, throwing the ball a lot.
*LACK OF EXPERIENCE - Though the Green Bay franchise is no stranger to the Super Bowl, the current roster lacks Super Bowl exposure. Also, their QB is a young gun, who has yet to encounter the pressure of a Super Bowl game.

With legit defenses and bona fide QB's, both teams have all the ingredients to come out on top. Predictions for this game are pretty mixed, which should make for an extra dramatic game. I'm personally rooting for Green Bay, solely because Aaron Rodgers is a Chico legend and I love Chico. Game starts at 6:30 ET, so get to champagne brunch early and secure a spot by a TV. Happy watching!

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