Tuesday, February 15, 2011

California Dreamin'

I've been doing a lot of traveling throughout CA lately, and each time I do so, I love this state more and more. We have the beaches, mountains, deserts, big cities, and not to mention some major athletes were born in the GOLDEN STATE
The list could go on forever, but here are some fellas worth mentioning:

West Covina, Ca
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback & Hall of Famer
photo via DC Times

San Mateo, Ca
BABE & New England Patriots quarterback
photo via Access Hollywood

San Diego, Ca
Kim K's ex & New Orleans Saints running back

Riverside, Ca
Former MLB star & major record holder (and avid steroid user)
photo via abc news

Martinez, Ca
Former NY Yankee & Hall of Famer
photo via myclassiclyrics

San Francisco, Ca
Point guard for the Dallas Mavericks 
photo via Hoopedia

San Diego, Ca
Professional Skateboarder
photo via Skate Update

Cypress, Ca
Professional Golfer and BAD GUY

a few others: Tony Romo, Mark McGwire, Ryan Schekler, O.J. Simpson, Phil Mickelson, Ted Williams

...and let's not forget the California girls!

Palos Verdes, Ca
Former #1 American professional tennis player
photo via Netbrawl

Westwood, Ca
Professional and Olympic figure skater
photo via nyquil

Lynwood, Ca
Professional tennis player
photo via 1800-sports

Torrance, Ca
Former professional figure skater and Olympic gold medalist 
photo via examiner

Nicely done, California. 

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  1. What about, Chelsea Becker, San Diego, Ca -"MVP" San Marcos High School Freshman Volleyball