Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The good, the bad & the ugly

One of my favorite things about my roommate is how she chooses the team she's rooting for. If we're watching a game that she doesn't know much about, it's pretty much guaranteed that she'll pick the team with the "cutest uniform" as her fave. 

In dedication to her keen fashion sense, I've picked the best and worst dressed teams in the pro sports world. 

WARNING: Some may be hard on the eyes

*NFL Best Dressed*

San Diego Chargers
Not only are the Chargers my #1 team, but they also look the best. The baby blues, the simple helmets and a lighting bolt - makes for a dream jersey!

photo via SI

*NFL Worst Dressed*

Cincinnati Bengals
I mean really, WHO wants to look like a tiger? Not I. No one looks good in Halloween themed stripes. 

photo via Bodog Beat

*MLB Best Dressed*

Philadelphia Phillies
The All-American color scheme and a classic pin stripe win my vote. (Not to mention, Cole Hamels is a gorgeous model for the uniform).

photo via Renovo Media

*MLB Worst Dressed*

Los Angeles Dodgers
Not sure if I hate these jerseys because of the blah grey or the fans that sport them. Either way, a Dodger jersey looks bad on all. 

photo via WGEM

*NBA Best Dressed*

Golden State Warriors
I like the coordinating colors and fresh design. I like the old school feel with a new school look. And I like the Bay Area. Warriors win.

*NBA Worst Dressed*

Los Angeles Lakers
I know Lakers fans won't be thrilled, but you can't be surprised. Kobe barely pulls of these blinding/clashing colors and he is pretty much flawless.

photo via Internet News

I tried to do a segment on the NHL boys too, but I honestly couldn't pick a hockey jersey worthy of "Best Dressed". The NHL needs a new stylist - ASAP.

Click here to pick up a new jersey, and fingers crossed that you're team isn't one of the worst.


  1. I'd like to nominate Ron Artest for NBA Best Dressed. I have respect for anyone who wears a blue-tooth headset with pajama bottoms on a daily basis.

  2. Just saw some pics of the Padres out in Peoria. They are looking pretty hot too and it's not just the AZ sunshine!

  3. Ummmm.... how is it possible that the Padres' camouflage jerseys, are not ranked the ugliest jersey in all of professional sports?

  4. To "Anonymous"-

    A couple reasons why the Padres' camo jerseys arent ranked ugliest:

    1. They wear them to serve the vets and pay respect to military and there isnt anything ugly about that.
    2. Dodgers are uglier.

  5. You're forgetting one major thing... The only real fashion statement that pro teams make is with their alternate jersey and the Lakers have arguably the best in their "Sunday whites." So for that reason, Lakers cannot have the ugliest jerseys... I would vote for the Oklahoma City Thunder because they are just plain boring.

  6. I think you should only use home jerseys for the MLB....pretty much every team has a "blah grey" away jersey. Clean it up Chels!

  7. how is is possible you ranked the LAKERS the worst dressed team???? really chels!!! i would sport purple and yellow any day (and not just because I'm their number one fan!) Yellow is awesome! and Kobe makes that thing look good!