Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Play Ball Like a Girl

As much as male athletes pride themselves on being totally manly and tough, there are several habits these men do to bring out their girly side.

1. Public Displays of Affection
Though girls are usually the ones who crave showing love for their partner in public, athletes of all sports love to show theirs—butt cheeks included.
Mike Napoli (Texas Rangers) and Jon Garland (now with the Dodgers)
photo via Wordpress

2. Emotion
Females are usually the more emotional sex, but big boys cry too—right LeBron?
LeBron James, Miami Heat
photo via Bleacher Report

3. Modeling
Supermodels started as extra-stunning females, but now the trend has leaked to athletes of all kinds. Though I am NOT complaining with the new version of Marky Mark below.
Mark Sanchez, New York Jets 
 photo via Style Caster

4. Dancing
Although groovin' is usually a guy's worst nightmare and a girl's favorite past time, some athletes can't help but to shake what their mama gave them (even in sparkles and deep-V's.)
Chad Ochocinco, New England Patriots
photo via Bleacher Report

5. Crop Tops
The infamous belly shirts are slowly making their way back into the fashion world, and athletes are completely on board with this show-it-all trend. Leave it to the high school girls, fellas.
Jermaine Cunningham, New England Patriots
photo via Football's Future

But who can blame these guys for wanting to be more like the better of the two sexes? Just kidding, boys.

Here's a little clip of the all-time best quote of "you play ball like a girl" to get you through this Thursday morning. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Football FAQs

A few weeks ago I did the first post of baseball FAQs and now it's time for Round 2. 

Since football season is in full swing, I can only guess that you're surrounded by football crazed men everywhere you turn. Read below and you'll be a bit closer to understanding the complicated world of the sport.

photo via MJB

Q: What do the yellow and blue lines mean on the field?
A: Those lines are actually computer generated and only appear on TV—not on the actual field. The blue line represents the line of scrimmage, or where the players and the ball is starting from. The yellow line represents how far the offense needs to go to receive a first down. (Tip: The players have four tries to get this first down.)

Q: Why do I hear my guy talking about wanting his team to lose all their games?
A: He is most likely talking about wanting his team to have the worst record in the NFL, so that they get the top pick in next year's draft. (Tip: The first pick of next year is probably Stanford QB, Andrew Luck.) Basically, the team that does the worst each year gets to pick first at the draft the following year and can end up with the next franchise superstar. You usually only hear fans wish this upon their team when they are really bad or really need that first draft pick.

Q: What's the difference between a punt and a kickoff?
A: Punts: These are kicked when the team didn't score, and/or didn't make it to a first down. The team who was just trying to score punts to the opposite team. 
Kickoff: These are done at the start of each half and after teams score. You then kickoff to the opposing team. More here.

Q: Why do some states have so many teams and some none? Which state has the most teams?
A: It mainly has to do with profit—Montana might not bring in as many viewers, aka cash, to the owners and players of the team in a city like New York.
California, Florida and New York all have three teams (with California having two in the Bay Area—only 20 minutes from each other, and two of NY's teams actually play in New Jersey.)

Q: What's the difference between the AFC and the NFC? 
A: They are each a conference that make up the NFL. There are 16 teams in each conference, making up 32 teams in the NFL. (Tip: Each conference then breaks down into four divisions: West, East, South, North—four teams per division.) A team from each conference will go on to play each other in the Super Bowl. More here

Q: How long is the NFL season?
A: Preseason starts in August and the Super Bowl is played in early February. 

Hopefully these help you on the way to being super sporty (and help to get you off your boyfriends back—you're welcome boys!) Now head to the local watering hole on Sunday to totally impress a babe sporting jersey.

Email me with any questions that I didn't get to.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Would you Rather?

I recently asked some girlfriends to play a simple game of "Would you rather...?" with me. Though some questions were nasty and aggressive, the girls got through the game with entertaining answers. Thanks for all who played!

Party with QB Mark Sanchez or Aaron Rodgers?
With an overwhelming landslide (mainly due to his Chico upbringing, which means he can obviously party like the best of them) girls chose this Super Bowl winner.
*Best answer: Aaron Rodgers Chico style—meaning getting wasted and making out in public places.
photo via Larry Brown

 Make out with Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriquez?
It was a battle of the Yankees here, but Jeter won by a few votes.
*Best answer: Derek Jeter so I could get sloppy seconds of Minka Kelly.

Watch a whole tennis match or a round of golf?
Though a lot of the girls threw in a remark that they'd rather die than do either, tennis was the winner.

 Get proposed to at your favorite team's game or in private?
Unlike me, a huge majority of my friends would rather have their guy on one knee in private. (BORING!)
*Best answer: Private. Can't jump his bones at a game, obvi.

 Hang with hockey wife Carrie Underwood or Hilary Duff?
Though both of these girls seem fun in their own way, more answers went to Hil.
*Best answer: Hilary. She seems like she likes to party more/maybe likes to actually eat.
photo via Just Jared

 Have your team win a Super Bowl/World Series/NBA Title/Stanley Cup, etc., or win $10,000?
Again, not with me here, as I'd do just about anything for the Bolts to take home a ring, but more of my friends would rather have the money. (Can you say selfish, girls?!)

Date/marry a guy who was obsessed with basketball or baseball?
Seems like girls would rather have a baseball-loving lover.

Have a guy tell you that you looked like Tim Linecum or Clay Matthews?
Though torn between both guys and the answer of "neither," more ladies went with Timmy.
*Best answer: I love Timmy. I'd love to skin him and wear him.
photo via Bleacher Report

 Wear a jersey or a cute team t-shirt to a game?
 More of my girls prefer a cute team T, but jersey was almost a tie.

Be an NBA or an NFL wife?
More chose the football wifey title, even though there were some reservations both ways.
*Best answer: I'm 98% sure I'd be cheated on either way, so I might as well pick the sport I enjoy being a part of more—football!

Go on a date with Kardashian hubby Lamar Odom or Kris Humphries?
Looks like Lammy is more of a ladies man than Kris—he was the clear winner here.

Lick Brian Wilson's face (beard included) or Tom Brady's hair? 
With the fear of finding out what's hiding behind B. Wilson's beard, more girls went for the lick of the locks.
*Best answer: Well, this is basically a question of if I want the herps or not. And since I don't, I won't be touching the beard.

Have a guy take you to a game on a first date or to dinner and drinks?
Luckily for the guys, it looks like females prefer games for date number one.

Be a Raiders or a Yankees fan?
Rough question, I know, but my girls chose the Yankees. 
*Best answer: Ew, I just threw up in my mouth.

 Be married to David Beckham or Kobe Bryant?
Looks like this was a stupid question because it was about 30/1 to Becks. Might have something to do with Kobe's cheating ways or David's abs?
photo via Blogspot

Friday, September 23, 2011

Moneyball Premiere

Stranded with no plans on this glorious Friday? No sweat. One of the most anticipated (and sports friendly!) movies of the year makes it debut today and it's the perfect way to start off your weekend.

It's the true story of the broke Oakland A's in the early 2000's and general manager Billy Beane's unique out-of-the-box attitude. The movie has been getting great reviews and critics are even throwing the "Oscar" word around.

Not into sports flicks but your guy is? Here are a couple reasons why you won't be disappointed with Moneyball.

1. The main character is played by the one and only Brad Pitt.
photo via Just Jared
(OK, I know he doesn't quite look like this anymore, but he's still majorly hot.)

2. The newly fit Jonah Hill brings his charming humor to the screen.
 photo via Zimbio
Though he claims this movie is a lot different than his usual roles, he says there are still laughs to be had.

I'm not even a huge movie fan and I plan on spending part of my weekend devoted to this film—popcorn and Milk Duds included, obvi.

Enjoy your weekend! (And don't forget to set your fantasy teams and to spend your Sunday with the NFL.)

Cosmo Clue:
Moneyball comes out today!

Read everything Moneyball and find showtimes here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Forward

Fashion Week rolled through NYC last week, and though there were a fair share of socialites and actors filling the showrooms, there was also a hefty amount of athletes taking it all in.

Whether they were there for the beautiful models, the publicity or they're serious fashionistas, jocks crowded the runway this season in New York.

From NBA stars to tennis champs, here are some athletes who lined up for the next greatest trend.

Miami Heat's LeBron James
photo via Getty

Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade (left)
photo via Getty

New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony
photo via Getty

Figure skater Johnny Weir (left)
photo via Getty

Free-agent NBA player Kris Humphries (and the always stunning Kim K)
photo via Getty

And a female athlete looking gorg, Serena Williams
photo via Getty

I wonder what trend these players will be sporting this fall?

Cosmo Clue:
Athletes love fashion too.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guy Guest Post: NFL Week 2 Picks

*This is Cosmo & Cleat's first guest post and it's actually from a GUY. One of the most clever, stubborn, yet awesome guys I know. And he knows his football. Read ahead for picks on Week 2 of the NFL season. Enjoy!*

Well, here it is—my guest post.
 How I ended up writing a guest blog post for Cosmos & Cleats you ask?  I guess I have to blame it on a chance encounter nearly six years ago at Chico State (the Harvard of the West) when some strange girl wrapped in a Chargers blanket walked upstairs while a few of us were playing Madden—extremely intoxicated—at around 3 am.  I proceeded to yell at this strange girl and explain to her how more superior the 9ers were over the Chargers. Obviously she thought I was loud, obnoxious and out of my mind.  100% correct.  And thus began my friendship with the blog's creator...

Chelsea and I in our glory days @ Chico

*Quick side note: Don't expect any home team bias from me, unlike the owner of this blog.

It's Week 2 in what I believe is going to be the strangest NFL season I have ever watched.  Three main things to look for in Week 2:

1.  Tired Defenses - NFL Defenses are out of shape (due to short training camps caused by the lockout) and playing in the humid South/East Coast is having an effect on the third and fourth quarters.  QBs are killing defenses.

2.  Special Teams - The NFL changed the kickoff rule this season pushing up kicks five yards—thinking it would be safer for players, but in all actuality we're seeing lots of touchdowns!  Look for more in Week 2 from Darren Sproles, Ted Ginn Jr. and Leon Washington.

3. Lots of passing yards - Half the QBs in the "new, safer NFL" went for over 300+ yds.  Look for this to continue.  High scoring games are much more prevalent, which makes for more exciting football.

Now to the games.  (Random nerdy fact courtesy of Trey Wingo (ESPN): This is the first time since 1970 that there are no divisional games in a week.)

Morning Games: 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM Pacific, for you diehard fans.  Bust out that bottle of Cooks, a splash of Minute Maid OJ and enjoy your hangover from a crazy Saturday night with these key games:

Green Bay @ Carolina
The defending Super Bowl Champions look better than ever.  Mr. Chico (Packers QB Aaron Rodgers) has all his weapons healthy and Carolina has zero chance of keeping up with them.  Expect Clay Matthews to have at least two sacks on rookie QB Cam Newtown.  
Packers win 42-17.

Baltimore @ Tennessee
Fact: HE BALTIMORE RAVENS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL.  Baltimore has the "best running back alive" in Ray Rice.  QB Joe Flacco looks ready to take that next step.  Ray Lewis and Ed Reed anchor a defense that just crushed the defending AFC Champion Steelers last week.  
Baltimore wins 20-6.

Chicago @ New Orleans (my Upset Pick of the Week)
Jay Cutler is single.  Saints can't play defense.  With the unfortunate death of linebacker and captain Brian Urlacher's mother, the Bears are going to be playing with a lot of emotion to win this one for him.  After watching the Saints last week I don't think they can play defense.  Should be a shootout at the Superdome.  
Chicago wins 38-27.

Afternoon Games: 4:15 ET/1:15 Pacific.  
Okay, so you partied too hard and didn't wake up til noon.  You still have time to slam a beer and get to the nearest watering hole for the afternoon games.

Dallas @ San Francisco to my team.  "I'm going to have a heart attack this season watching the 49ers" said Adam Rosenthal after the 49ers strange win against the Seahawks.  49ers secondary looks terrible and Jim Harbaugh's redzone play calling is extremely suspect.  On paper Dallas should win this no problem, but with Tony Romo playing QB, the 9ers still have a chance to squeak it out by some weird fumble/interception late in the game.  
49ers win 20-17.  
Yea, okay, a little bias, but its my guest blog post!

San Diego @ New England (Game of the Week)
  Two preseason Super Bowl favorites battle it out in Foxboro.  This game is going to be a shootout.  Both QB's are capable of lighting up the scoreboard.  I give the edge to New England (lets see if this post sees the light of day after typing that last sentence) because SD was hit with a few key injuries.  Tom Brady looks unstoppable, but I got Phillip Rivers on my fantasy team so the dude better show up and throw some touchdowns.  
Patriots win 42-34.

Sunday Night Game: 8:20 ET/5:20 Pacific.  
You're slightly buzzed, you have to work at 8 am, Entourage/Curb Your Enthusiasm/True Blood (take your pick) are all over, and the last good game of the week features its most polarizing star.

Philadelphia @ Atlanta
Mike Vick returns to Atlanta.  I'm not buying the hype around Atlanta this year.  They went 13-3 and I don't think they can repeat due to a much tougher schedule and losing two of their starting defensive linemen this week won't help.  Vick should have no problem creating four or five "did he really just escape that guy and pull that off?" type plays.  Matt Ryan will have to be perfect to stand a chance.  
Philly wins 28-14.

There you have it.  Hope you enjoyed, and if you didn't and you just hit the back button on your browser and went back to Facebook, I understand.  

Thanks for reading! Find me on Twitter @jahanfourteen39

*Big thanks to Jahan for this guest post! Girls, he's single btw. Go Chargers!*

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hat Trick

When it comes to males in general, it's common knowledge that 99% of guys look better with a hat on. 

Unfortunately, many times when athletes take the cap off and reveal their true appearance, we are left feeling let down and unimpressed. Now with all of these males producing songs about how girls look "better with the lights off," I figured it was time for men to get a taste of their own medicine.

Lets take a look at some of the almost-hot players who can fool us with the hat trick.

Mark Sweeney, Retired MLB Player
(who shares a birthday with me, BTW)
photo via Exposay

No joke, I was in love with Mark Sweeney (when he was a Padre) forever—until he took his hat off. My heart literally broke when the lid was removed.

photo via Blogspot

Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
photo via Free Extras

Derek Jeter's smile deserves an A+, but his semi-afro thing he has going on deserves a big, fat F. Time for the clippers, DJ.

photo via Free Extras

Eli Manning, New York Giants
photo via Babble

I can't lie. I hate Eli Manning more than mushrooms or musicals (combined), but there have been very rare occurrences when he looked semi-attractive with his hat on. But then he takes it off, and I remember another reason why he sucks.

photo via Just Jared

Freddy Sanchez, San Francisco Giants

photo via CBS

Freddy Sanchez is such a mega babe with his hat on. But he needs to realize he isn't part of a boy band and this isn't 2001. The spiky hair has got to go.

photo via Every Joe

Here's to the false attractiveness that ball caps give so many of these fake babes.

Cosmo Clue:
Keep the hats on!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Babe of the Week: Mark Sanchez

Though he's been in the NFL for a couple seasons now, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is growing more and more attractive. Whether it's his confident play, his charming smirk or his dark complexion that makes him oh-so-appealing, I'm sold.

This born-and-raised Southern Cal cutie enjoys music, charity work (aww!) and comes from a family of football-playing boys.

He's been linked to Jamie-Lynn Sigler in the past and more recently to Hayden Panettiere. The duo claims they are "just friends" as Hayden is a self-proclaimed "Jets fanatic." Fingers crossed their relationship is simply platonic.

photo via People

 Enjoy this dose of eye candy:

 Looking gorgeous on the field...
 photo via Yardbarker

all dressed up for the ESPYS...
photo via Zimbio

channeling his inner David Hasselhoff...
 photo via Jersey Chaser

and looking ever so handsome with a laid-back vibe.
photo via Gambling 911

Him and his team are coming off an exciting Week 1 win over the Dallas Cowboys, where Mark looked smoking as usual. You can catch him next Sunday taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars at 1:00 pm (ET).

 Thank you, football!

Cosmo Clue:
New York Jets QB, Mark Sanchez, is a babe.

See Mark's full schedule here

Monday, September 12, 2011

Feelin' Football

In between vacations, a busy workload and all the excitement of football season, I fell behind a bit in posting. But after the first official NFL games got off this weekend, I'm back on my feet and back to the blog!

Hope you girls got to catch some games this weekend and your teams started off on top. To my delight, a group of my closest friends got together at a local bar for yummy food, beers and fun, all while cheering on our favorite teams.

Luckily for us, both of the groups' teams (Chargers & 49ers) won and we got to rest easy on a Sunday night.

Some of my highlights from the start of the season included:

A love/hate relationship I have with my niner-loving friend, Claire

Tailgating with my best friend, Lindsay, at the Chargers vs. Niners preseason game

My dad proving he can still hang with the young crowd

Charger fans celebrating their first victory of the season!

My good friend Caitlin sporting her new jersey (Chargers obviously)

Hope your NFL season has been successful and fun like mine. I'm looking forward to Sundays full of games and spending time with fellow football lovers. 

A special shout out to all my girls who watched the game(s) yesterday and who are starting to love the sport as much as I do. You're all so sporty and I love you.

No plans on this Monday evening? Catch the two remaining games of Week 1. 

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins - 7:00 (Eastern Time)
 Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos - 10:15 (Eastern Time)

I'll be rooting for the Dolphins and am hoping both teams of the later game lose. (Sorry Raider nation.)

Cosmo Clue:
The NFL started their first week of regular season play.

See all the scores from the weekend here.