Monday, September 26, 2011

Would you Rather?

I recently asked some girlfriends to play a simple game of "Would you rather...?" with me. Though some questions were nasty and aggressive, the girls got through the game with entertaining answers. Thanks for all who played!

Party with QB Mark Sanchez or Aaron Rodgers?
With an overwhelming landslide (mainly due to his Chico upbringing, which means he can obviously party like the best of them) girls chose this Super Bowl winner.
*Best answer: Aaron Rodgers Chico style—meaning getting wasted and making out in public places.
photo via Larry Brown

 Make out with Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriquez?
It was a battle of the Yankees here, but Jeter won by a few votes.
*Best answer: Derek Jeter so I could get sloppy seconds of Minka Kelly.

Watch a whole tennis match or a round of golf?
Though a lot of the girls threw in a remark that they'd rather die than do either, tennis was the winner.

 Get proposed to at your favorite team's game or in private?
Unlike me, a huge majority of my friends would rather have their guy on one knee in private. (BORING!)
*Best answer: Private. Can't jump his bones at a game, obvi.

 Hang with hockey wife Carrie Underwood or Hilary Duff?
Though both of these girls seem fun in their own way, more answers went to Hil.
*Best answer: Hilary. She seems like she likes to party more/maybe likes to actually eat.
photo via Just Jared

 Have your team win a Super Bowl/World Series/NBA Title/Stanley Cup, etc., or win $10,000?
Again, not with me here, as I'd do just about anything for the Bolts to take home a ring, but more of my friends would rather have the money. (Can you say selfish, girls?!)

Date/marry a guy who was obsessed with basketball or baseball?
Seems like girls would rather have a baseball-loving lover.

Have a guy tell you that you looked like Tim Linecum or Clay Matthews?
Though torn between both guys and the answer of "neither," more ladies went with Timmy.
*Best answer: I love Timmy. I'd love to skin him and wear him.
photo via Bleacher Report

 Wear a jersey or a cute team t-shirt to a game?
 More of my girls prefer a cute team T, but jersey was almost a tie.

Be an NBA or an NFL wife?
More chose the football wifey title, even though there were some reservations both ways.
*Best answer: I'm 98% sure I'd be cheated on either way, so I might as well pick the sport I enjoy being a part of more—football!

Go on a date with Kardashian hubby Lamar Odom or Kris Humphries?
Looks like Lammy is more of a ladies man than Kris—he was the clear winner here.

Lick Brian Wilson's face (beard included) or Tom Brady's hair? 
With the fear of finding out what's hiding behind B. Wilson's beard, more girls went for the lick of the locks.
*Best answer: Well, this is basically a question of if I want the herps or not. And since I don't, I won't be touching the beard.

Have a guy take you to a game on a first date or to dinner and drinks?
Luckily for the guys, it looks like females prefer games for date number one.

Be a Raiders or a Yankees fan?
Rough question, I know, but my girls chose the Yankees. 
*Best answer: Ew, I just threw up in my mouth.

 Be married to David Beckham or Kobe Bryant?
Looks like this was a stupid question because it was about 30/1 to Becks. Might have something to do with Kobe's cheating ways or David's abs?
photo via Blogspot

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