Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hat Trick

When it comes to males in general, it's common knowledge that 99% of guys look better with a hat on. 

Unfortunately, many times when athletes take the cap off and reveal their true appearance, we are left feeling let down and unimpressed. Now with all of these males producing songs about how girls look "better with the lights off," I figured it was time for men to get a taste of their own medicine.

Lets take a look at some of the almost-hot players who can fool us with the hat trick.

Mark Sweeney, Retired MLB Player
(who shares a birthday with me, BTW)
photo via Exposay

No joke, I was in love with Mark Sweeney (when he was a Padre) forever—until he took his hat off. My heart literally broke when the lid was removed.

photo via Blogspot

Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
photo via Free Extras

Derek Jeter's smile deserves an A+, but his semi-afro thing he has going on deserves a big, fat F. Time for the clippers, DJ.

photo via Free Extras

Eli Manning, New York Giants
photo via Babble

I can't lie. I hate Eli Manning more than mushrooms or musicals (combined), but there have been very rare occurrences when he looked semi-attractive with his hat on. But then he takes it off, and I remember another reason why he sucks.

photo via Just Jared

Freddy Sanchez, San Francisco Giants

photo via CBS

Freddy Sanchez is such a mega babe with his hat on. But he needs to realize he isn't part of a boy band and this isn't 2001. The spiky hair has got to go.

photo via Every Joe

Here's to the false attractiveness that ball caps give so many of these fake babes.

Cosmo Clue:
Keep the hats on!

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