Monday, September 12, 2011

Feelin' Football

In between vacations, a busy workload and all the excitement of football season, I fell behind a bit in posting. But after the first official NFL games got off this weekend, I'm back on my feet and back to the blog!

Hope you girls got to catch some games this weekend and your teams started off on top. To my delight, a group of my closest friends got together at a local bar for yummy food, beers and fun, all while cheering on our favorite teams.

Luckily for us, both of the groups' teams (Chargers & 49ers) won and we got to rest easy on a Sunday night.

Some of my highlights from the start of the season included:

A love/hate relationship I have with my niner-loving friend, Claire

Tailgating with my best friend, Lindsay, at the Chargers vs. Niners preseason game

My dad proving he can still hang with the young crowd

Charger fans celebrating their first victory of the season!

My good friend Caitlin sporting her new jersey (Chargers obviously)

Hope your NFL season has been successful and fun like mine. I'm looking forward to Sundays full of games and spending time with fellow football lovers. 

A special shout out to all my girls who watched the game(s) yesterday and who are starting to love the sport as much as I do. You're all so sporty and I love you.

No plans on this Monday evening? Catch the two remaining games of Week 1. 

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins - 7:00 (Eastern Time)
 Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos - 10:15 (Eastern Time)

I'll be rooting for the Dolphins and am hoping both teams of the later game lose. (Sorry Raider nation.)

Cosmo Clue:
The NFL started their first week of regular season play.

See all the scores from the weekend here.


  1. Shout out to our boy’s kaeding, Castillo, and Tolbert for their injuries! Hopefully they recover fast and keep strong. Also- I hope that the patriots over due it tonight so they are tired for Sunday! Xoxox