Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Play Ball Like a Girl

As much as male athletes pride themselves on being totally manly and tough, there are several habits these men do to bring out their girly side.

1. Public Displays of Affection
Though girls are usually the ones who crave showing love for their partner in public, athletes of all sports love to show theirs—butt cheeks included.
Mike Napoli (Texas Rangers) and Jon Garland (now with the Dodgers)
photo via Wordpress

2. Emotion
Females are usually the more emotional sex, but big boys cry too—right LeBron?
LeBron James, Miami Heat
photo via Bleacher Report

3. Modeling
Supermodels started as extra-stunning females, but now the trend has leaked to athletes of all kinds. Though I am NOT complaining with the new version of Marky Mark below.
Mark Sanchez, New York Jets 
 photo via Style Caster

4. Dancing
Although groovin' is usually a guy's worst nightmare and a girl's favorite past time, some athletes can't help but to shake what their mama gave them (even in sparkles and deep-V's.)
Chad Ochocinco, New England Patriots
photo via Bleacher Report

5. Crop Tops
The infamous belly shirts are slowly making their way back into the fashion world, and athletes are completely on board with this show-it-all trend. Leave it to the high school girls, fellas.
Jermaine Cunningham, New England Patriots
photo via Football's Future

But who can blame these guys for wanting to be more like the better of the two sexes? Just kidding, boys.

Here's a little clip of the all-time best quote of "you play ball like a girl" to get you through this Thursday morning. Enjoy!

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