Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Postseason Players

 I'll have to admit that my mind has been solely focused on football—on and off this blog—but with baseball season at its peak, it's time for some baseball love. My apologies to those who are completely sick of my everything-football posts, but with the Padres' season long gone, I had to switch my focus to avoid serious depression.

After a crazy past week of baseball, some teams are starting to drop like flies, while others continue forward towards the World Series. 

Tampa Bay celebrates winning the AL wild-card spot
photo via NJ.com

Here's a little run down on the current MLB sitch: Wild-card spots (no freaking clue what a wild card is?—click here) have been won, and there are eight teams left in the running. Four teams from the American League and four teams from the National League. This is called the AL and NL Division Series and which ever teams win three games first move on to the next round, the AL and NL Division Championships.

Here's who's left:

American League
Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays 
[Texas leads series 2-1]
 New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers
[Detroit leads series 2-1]

National League
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies
[Series tied 1-1]
 Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Milwaukee Brewers
[Milwaukee leads series 2-0]

After this week, four teams will be left (two from each league). There will eventually be one team left from each league and they will play in the World Series—but more on that later. 

photo via You Play Ball

I'm personally hoping for Detroit (shout out to my Michigan fam!) to take home the ring this year, but you can't beat a face like Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels (above). Enjoy the end of baseball and all the babes that come with it!

Cosmo Clue:
The MLB is currently in the AL and NL Division Series of the playoffs.

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