Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latest Lines

Apologies for lagging in posts this past week—in between finishing up a job, starting a new one and a cross-state road trip, my days are starting to blur together. Plus, my Chargers completely crashed and burned Sunday, so I'm still recovering from the loss (not to mention my hangover due to post-game depression.)

But here are the latest lines from the past week in sports:

1. After losing their starting QB Peyton Manning to injury, the Indianapolis Colts are setting new team records (in a bad way). They are still winless and suffered a humiliating 62-7 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. 
 photo via SBNation

2. The Washington Capitals remain the only undefeated team in the NHL, holding a record of 7-0.
 3. The Oakland Raiders were also subject to QB injury and picked up former Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer (even though he did nothing to help the team who was shutout Sunday.)
 photo via Footbasket

4. Tributes are taking place all over the country to pay respect to Dan Wheldon, the race car driver who tragically died in a race recently. Safety issues are being brought up throughout the racing community to try to prevent more accidents.

5. A St. Louis Cardinals player made a statement announcing that his teammate Albert Pujols is a better baseball player than the legendary Babe Ruth. 
 photo via Total Pro Sports

 6. Speaking of baseball and the Cardinals, the Texas Rangers are up on the Cards 3-2 in the World Series. If the Rangers win tomorrow night, they take the ring.

7. Two weeks of the NBA have already been officially cancelled, with rumors swirling that two more weeks will be headed down the same path.

8. The NFL took the stage in London this weekend (as they do once a year now), and the Chicago Bears beat the Tampa Bay Buccs. 
photo via NFL

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