Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Game Bites

Invited to a Super Bowl party this Sunday but have no clue what sport we're even celebrating? No biggie. First, take a look here, and then check out the recipes below. Even if you're not a football maniac, you can put your energy into making a delish dish for the party goers. 

As I was clicking away through cyber space, I stumbled across these yummy recipes and figured they were perfect for a Super Bowl soiree. Plus, these recipes are all via Martha Stewart - and the girl can do no wrong (when it comes to recipes, that is).

If you're that girl (or boy - no discrimiation here) who likes to be extra crafty and creatvie with party planning, this fancy appetizer has your name all over it. Takes a little extra time and preparation, but it's almost too perfect to pass up.

photo via Martha Stewart

A little somethin' for my meat-eating boys and girls. Who doesn't love a juicy burger? And who doesn't love cute, flavorful sliders? (Don't forget the condiments!)

photo via Martha Stewart

I don't even like To-kill-ya and this drink looks not only refreshing and pretty, but easy. Cheers!

photo via Martha Stewart
Now that everyone is bloated and most likely a little tipsy, the sugar cravings really creep in. Post game is perfect timing for these adorable, delicious desserts (and a few more Tequila Touchdowns, obviously).

photo via Martha Stewart

Thank you, Martha!

...and for the not-yet-domestic ladies (like me) who aren't into slaving away in the kitchen & sporting aprons, I'll most likely be bringing pre-packaged chips, pre-made dip, and this to my friends party. No one will judge.

I'll be posting a blog later this week to get you geared up for the big game this Sunday, but until then, get your recipes (or non-recipes) ready. 


  1. New miller light box/kegs are awesome! Cant wait to talk about the commercials? possible blog?