Sunday, February 20, 2011

Start your engines

The Daytona 500 - one of the motor sports biggest events of the year, is happening today in - you guessed it - Daytona Beach, FL! For those of you who are into the big engine sport, I've dedicated this post to everything Nascar. From the looks of this sport (rowdy crowds, fast cars, crazy crashes, beer drinking/hot dog eating fans) I might have a new favorite past time.

photo via eseats

Seriously interested in the race? Click.

Nascar may not be home to 7 foot tall superstars or athletes with ripped abs, but it does provide some All-American cuties. I don't know much about Nascar, so I won't pretend I do with stats and info - I'll just list the best looking drivers I could find. God bless America!

Kasey Kahne
 Helloooo baby blues!
photo via autoevolution

David Ragan 
Now that's a face you could bring home to Mom & Dad

Scott Speed
He might look like he's 12, but I assure you ladies, he's legal
photo via crash

Here are some personal photos, via my friend who works at the races (shout out to AK!) - some sassy, yet not-so-classy, fans. They may not be as babealicious as the guys pictured above, but you've gotta give them props for their dedication.

I'll leave you with a little clip from one of the BEST (and Nascar inspired!) movies of all time - Talladega Nights

The next big race is the Subway Fresh Fit 500, on February 27, in Phoenix. Get your homeade overalls ready, your American flags flying and don't forget your booze (being intoxicated is a necessity while hanging out with Nascar fans). See ya in Phoenix!

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  1. "being intoxicated is a necessity while hanging out with Nascar fans". Apparently, you also need to be drunk to understand the new scoring system...