Thursday, February 10, 2011


In my opinion, MLB spring training can be best compared to a pre-party. It's a time for major league baseball players to get ready for the regular season, just like pre-drinking gets you prepped for a party or the bars. The players have a chance to practice, get to know their team, and get prepared for their season to come. Just like taking shots gets you comfortable with your surroundings, feelin' loose, and ready to conquer a night on the town. Spring training is also a time for new players to try to fill roster spaces and make it on the team to stay. It's a fight of the fittest - just like prepartying; some (those who either took one too many tequila shots, or just can't hang with the big girls) stay home. The players that already have a spot on the roster, get more time to improve. As with pre-parties, the ones who can really throw 'em back, get more practice at that exactly.

photo via Shaping Youth

The players are going to start making their way to training starting this weekend. First come the pitchers and catchers, and about a week later, the rest of the team comes to start practicing. Fans are able to go to games, get drunk in the sun, and root on their teams. It gets fans and players pumped for the regular season and gives you a taste of America's finest pastime. Teams play in much smaller venues than regular season, so it's more of an intimate feel for fans & players. Spring training lasts from this upcoming weekend/week until the end of March, right before regular season. 

 photo via Chief Noc-a-Homa

Spring training takes place in Florida and Arizona - both places that allow you to escape the winter blues. Just like in the MLB, there are 2 leagues - but in spring training they are nicknamed the "Cactus" and "Grapefruit" leagues. (Hope this is a no brainer, but just in case, the Cactus league plays throughout Arizona, and the Grapefruit league plays in Florida.) Teams who train in Arizona play other teams who are also training nearby, and vice versa with Florida. Check out where your team plays, their schedule and tickets here

photo via ESPN

photo via ESPN

No plans for the next month? Book a flight, or take a road trip to go see the boys duke it out. Don't forget that Spring Break takes place over training weeks - look out for the college cuties (only if they are 18+).

If you're new to spring training, here is something that will help. Have fun!


  1. SOOO excited for baseball season! It just makes me think of summer, great post! XOXO

  2. great analogy, great breakdown, GREAT POST! your doing on awesome job chels, so proud!