Friday, March 4, 2011

Lockout Lowdown

It's basketball season, approaching baseball season - and all you've been hearing about is football, right?! If your boyfriends have been freaking out about something football related and you have no clue what - look no further. Here is a little breakdown, in girl terms, of what's going on:

Basically the NFL (owners) and the NFLPA (NFL Players Association - players) are in a labor dispute over legal matters (money, number of games, rookie salaries, blah, blah, blah). They are trying to come up with a new "Collective Bargaining Agreement" a.k.a a contract to make everyone happy. There is talk of a "lockout", in which case, basically the owners would put the sport on hold. There would be no on-field football action. Not a good thing for us football lovers. 

Nothing has been resolved yet, and the two groups have agreed to continue negations for another week. 

So until next week (at least), nothing has changed. You can tell your boyfriend to shut up about it and enjoy the weekend. If you're really interested and want the whole scoop, click here. I'll keep you posted on the everlasting situation once there's more to share. 

*It's basically a lot of guys with a lot of money, fighting over a lot of money.

Enough with legal matters though. I'll leave you with a few of the most amazing faces the NFL has to offer. Not seeing these babes come football season would seriously traumatize me.


Mark Sanchez, New York Jets
photo via New York Post

Tom Brady, New England Patriots
photo via WhyFame

Brady Quinn, Denver Broncos
photo via 1043

Jason Taylor, free agent
photo via Phin Phanatic

Trent Edwards, Jacksonville Jaguars
photo via Browse Biography

legal bullshit < these faces

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