Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Play Ball!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best week of the year. The sun is shining. Birds are finally chirping. People have been opening doors me for me, letting me cut in line, giving random smiles as I pass...people are just outright happy.

It can only mean one thing:

Baseball season is here. Hallejuah!

For those of you wanting to pull your hair out if you hear one more basketball remark, don't pull yet - it's time for some baseball!

 (Yes, it's still basketball season, but I've decided to boycott the NCAA Finals since my bracket was complete garbage. For those of you still competing in college ball, click here.) 

Opening Day is happening across the country this week, so check the schedules to find out when your team gets started. For my California girls, let me make it easy for you:

The most amazing team in the world, the San Diego Padres, start their season deep in the Midwest. The Pads take on the St. Louis Cardinals at 4:15 pm ET Thursday, on Cards turf. So leave the 80 degree beach a bit early and catch some baseball. Another rough day for a San Diegoian. (Catch my hint of jealousy?)

Unfortunately, the Dodgers do play in CA, so I'll mention them. The always classy LA team opens the season playing World Series champs, the San Francisco Giants, on Thursday. Giants fans are overly pumped this season (I know from experience, I'm constantly surrounded), so there's sure to be loads of blue vs. orange fists flying at this one. Game time is 8:00 pm ET, at Dodger Stadium.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will start their season in Kansas City, going head-to-head with the Royals. Game is at 4:10 pm ET on Thursday. Perfect timing for mid-day mimosas! 

The other Bay Area team, the Oakland A's, will kick off their season at home vs. Seattle. If you're a Bay Area fan, catch this game live - it's supposed to be a gorgeous day, even in Oakland!

Time for hot dogs, ball caps and ice cold brews!
photo via SeattlePI

And obviously the babes. Meet David Wright.
photo via NYMag

Dust off your baseball jersey (hopefully not a pink one), get your game face on and enjoy the next seven months of America's favorite past time. Go Padres!

Cosmo Clue:
Spring Training comes to a halt this week, and the regular MLB season starts!

For full schedules and home openers, check this.

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  1. Go Padres! The whole Kerscher family is READY for baseball season to start...bring it on!!!