Monday, March 14, 2011

Madness Mayhem

March is a pretty sweet month. St. Patty's Day gives us an excuse to party and drink too much green beer. A new season makes it okay to buy a completely new wardrobe. And the time change allows for more sunshine & sundresses. But ladies, we're forgetting one amazing treat that we get with March...

photo via NCAA

What is this "madness" I'm so happy about? March Madness is a ginormous NCAA (college basketball) tournament and it's one of the best sports events of the year. People (and probably your boyfriend) talk about it for months before and it's all ESPN has been covering. It's a tournament with 68 schools, all duking it out to be named the #1 college basketball team. 

There's a pretty confusing system to decide which teams participate, but if you're up for a challenge, figure it out here. Basically, the winners from each conference get an automatic spot, and the rest are chosen by a NCAA committee.

The teams who will be scrambling for the top spot were announced yesterday and here is the schedule & brackets. It's a single elimination tournament - one you lose, you're dunzo. After the first few rounds, the tournament will get down to a "Sweet 16" and things get really intense. The first games are this Tuesday so don't forget to set your DVR. Finals start on April 2nd, so do your best to keep up 'til then!

Even if you aren't in love with basketball, March Madness is seriously exciting and can bring you back to your glorious college days. Feeling competitive? Pick your teams and take on the boys in a betting bracket at the office.

I'll be rooting for a home town team, SDSU! Let's go Aztecs!!

photo via Bay News 9

Cosmo Clue:
March Madness is a huge basketball tournament and decides the top college team. 

Want more Madness? Look here.

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