Monday, March 7, 2011

Baseball Fever

I'm like a little kid counting down the days 'til Christmas lately. Crossing off day after day on my calendar, heavily anticipating baseball season. I'm spending my days dreaming of rowdy crowds, the feeling of a homerun, booing the other team, cold beer(s) & hot dogs. Anyone with me?

photo via Denver

While I've been getting nibbles at baseball through Spring Training games on the tube, it's still not enough. But thank god, MLB Network is so kindly putting together an in depth look into each baseball team! It's called 30 Clubs in 30 Days and it's a lifesaver. No worries if you're cheap (like me), and don't get MLB Network with your cable package - it's On Demand! (Go to Sports & Fitness, then MLB Network, then choose your team). If you're too cheap to even have a cable box in your house, I can't help you. There are only a few teams focused on so far, but check the listings if your team isn't up yet. Lucky for me, my Padres are already on - and let me tell you SD fans - it got me pumped!

photo via Sulekha

Here is the full schedule of shows to come. 

So delete some episodes of The Bachelor on your DVR and make room for this series. Hope it can tide you over until Opening Day. Let's hope that the days go by fast until then!


  1. That first picture gives me goosebumps. Don't even get me started on the "National Anthem" on a warm summer night!

  2. it's called 30 clubs in 30 days..just FYI if anyone is searching for it!

  3. oops! fixed it - thank you Anonymous!

  4. Tait hit the nail on the head...