Friday, March 11, 2011

Surfs Up Bra'

The one thing I love more than a baseball player sporting a ball cap and a cute grin: a surfer. From the ultra laid back lifestyle, to the toned, bronzed bodies - they just do it for me. 
(click here, for a totally tubular song)

photo via 5ones

The 2011 ASP Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast (a gnarly surf competition) finished up Down Under and the always stunning surfing sensation, Kelly Slater, took 1st. If you don't know who this babe is, meet my lifelong crush. I'm still waiting for him to realize we're soul mates, but until then, congrats to my boy! 

photo via Surfer

Here are some highlights from Slater's career

Makes me want to take a tropical vaca, preferably with a stud that looks like him, STAT! A girl can dream, right?

Cosmo Clue:
Kelly Slater claims the #1 spot at Quiksilver's Pro Gold Coast and is trying for his 11th World Champion Title.


  1. no you did not say totally tubular song.... hahah love me some slater... and NO not AC