Friday, March 18, 2011

Ice Queens

Maybe it's the fearless tough-guy persona that draws celebs to hockey players, or the fact that they can bundle up to watch their beau in action. Whatever it is, it seems like more and more famous females are reeling in hockey studs. Here are some girls who support their brawling-on-ice babes - black eyes and all.

Carrie Underwood, married to Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators
Looks like this serial dating country star has finally found a man for the long haul.

photo via Parade

Hilary Duff, married to Pittsburgh Penguin, Mike Comrie
Her husband may wear shiny blazers and be a shorty, but at least Lizzie McGuire is happy.
photo via NJRips

Alisha Cuthbert, dating Dion Phaneuf of the Toronto Maple Leafs
This is Alisha's second hockey playing bf - the girl loves ice.
photo via SI

Ready for some blasts from your past? From a one-hit-wonder to a Full House big sis, these girls prefer their men to skate.

Willa Ford, married to Detroit Redwing, Mike Modano
Remember Willa? No? Well, let me bring you back to your youth. Click!
photo via FanPix

Candace Cameron Bure is married to Valerie Bure, a retired NHL player
D.J. Tanner grew up and found herself a husband with a girl name. Congrats!

Time to learn to skate ladies, and find yourself a hockey lovah!

Cosmo Clue:
Hollywood honeys dig hockey players.

Find your future hockey hubby here.

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