Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twinkle Toes

The Dancing with the Stars lineup was announced last night, and once again, a beefy football star will be  channeling his inner Beyonce. This season, Pittsburgh Steelers nice-guy wide receiver, Hines Ward will be showing America how to break it down - or not. After reading some blogs, I've seen almost an outrage from Steeler and football fans everywhere. Since Hines, 34, is not yet retired, people are worried about his health while boogieing down and through intense training. Others think this might be a sign that his football career will soon be at an end. Dancing around in sparkly, chest baring shirts might not do so well when it comes to his ego on the field, but the fact that he's doing the show proves he's got some cajones! We'll see what happens, but I'm pumped to see the former Super Bowl champ take on the Waltz.

photo via Opposing Views

Hines isn't the first, and probably not the last, football playa to take the stage. Take a look at all the boys that have strutted their stuff:

Jerry Rice, Season 2 - retired Hale of Fame wide receiver
Emmitt Smith*, Season 3 - retired Hale of Fame running back
Jason Taylor, Season 6 - defensive player
Warren Sapp, Season 7 - retired defensive tackle
Lawrence Taylor, Season 8 - retired Hall of Fame linebacker
Michael Irvin, Season 9 - retired Hall of Fame wide receiver
Chad Ochocinco, Season 10 - wide receiver/cocky SOB/reality "star"
Kurt Warner, Season 11 - retired quarterback

Here is Emmitt Smith reppin' for the football studs, winning the 3rd season:

*Winner of the season

For a look at the entire Season 12 Dancing with the Stars cast, click here. Show starts March 21st on ABC. If you're a fan of awkward moments, skimpy clothes and some semi-stars, don't miss it!


  1. how much do they get paid to do this? That's my question....

  2. i love that he is doing this... personally though i would have CBed had it been troy polamalu... i mean think of all the hair-do's they would do!!! :)