Monday, March 21, 2011

Barry Bonds*

One of the best (can't believe I just said that), yet controversial baseball players of our time, is back in the hot seat this week. Barry Bonds took the stand in San Francisco today, where as a former Giant, he was accused of steroid use.

photo via MLB

 In 2003, Bonds went before a jury and swore that he never knowingly took the enhancing drug. Now he is facing federal charges, questioning if he was lying under oath in '03. Some jury members were asked to leave the case, with noted biases towards the big hitter. Both sides have agreed on 12 jurors to ride the case out alongside Bonds & co.

Though Bonds isn't the first, and definitely not the last player to be accused of juicing up, he has some stats that are up for debate. One of those being the record for all-time career home runs, beating out legendary Hank Aaron in 2007. Was Barry clean and worthy of the stat? Were steroids to blame for this record breaker? Jury's still out. 

The trial is expected to last a few weeks and will decide if Bonds gets time in the big house, house arrest, or something else completely. He wore orange as a Giant for 15 years - will he have to wear it again, jailhouse style?

photo via Sports Video Daily

Cosmo Clue:
Baseball star Barry Bonds is currently on trial for perjury and obstruction of justice charges.

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  1. Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of all time. Nuff said.