Friday, November 12, 2010

Fantasy What??

Ever hear guys (or sportalicious ladies) mention the word "fantasy" like it's the only word in their vocabulary? You start thinking they're talking about some fantasy land on a video game, or perhaps a sexual fantasy, and then the conversation gets wrapped up into baseball or football? Confusion begins to set it... 

So what exactly is this "fantasy" they're all talking about?


Still confused? Let's take a trip down memory lane, circa 1998.

1998 was a time of hunky, steamy, irressistable BOY BANDS! (Don't try and pretend that you didn't stalk Justin Timberlake somteime throughout the N'SYNC era). We had Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, N'SYNC, O-Town, LFO,  and probably some that we should block out of our memory completely. Now think back to the individuals in each band. There were the popular, charming ones, a la Nick Carter, Nick Lachey, JT and Ashley Angel. (My apologies if you had your heart set on another member). These favorites of ours, would be our "Fantasy Team" of boy bands. We would have chosen our ideal members from each group - the best of the bunch - and morphed them into one FANTASY boy band. 

Same goes with professional sports & fantasy leagues. You're able to draft (choose) the best players of each round and make up a team of your own. Yes, at times, the best players are already chosen, and in this case, you go to the next best thing. In a perfect fantasy world, you would draft all the top players - Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Ray Lewis, etc. - for each position. In real life, each player on a fantasy team doesn't usually play on the same actual team, but in Fantasy, anything goes. You eventually get at least one player per position and ta-daa, you have a fantasy team! Depending on how well each of your players do that day, you'll get a certain amount of points, per player. Week by week, you play someone else in your fantasy league, and the team with the most points takes the cake.

Fantasy leagues can be a lot of fun - and easy, with some help from the fellas - so next season, sign up! The leagues range from college & pro football, to Nascar, to golf.. so choose your poison. Worst comes to worst you completely bomb the season, while scoping out major babe athletes. Boo hoo!

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