Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Gotta give it up to the San Francisco Giants! Whether you're a girl who likes the good, bad or the bearded boys, this team has it covered.

For the girls who prefer the All-American-hot-baseball-player-next-door kind of guy, let me present to you, the young gun, Mr. Buster Posey. Don't get too excited ladies - he married his high school sweetheart last year.

photo via Fantasy Players

For the ladies who don't mind a bit of jet black facial hair (or V-necks, tattoos, and the most outlandish interviews ever), I give you Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson. Something about the muscles, mystery, and mohawk just do it!

photo via Bleacher Report

And let's not forget Barry Zito. Though he we didn't see this pitchers arm throughout the length of the season, he's still got one thing going for him - his BABENESS. Word of warning though, he's been linked to some classy broads like Paris Hilton. Gotta take the good with the bad right?

photo via Make Five


  1. These are my three favorite hot Giants! love a man in uniform... :)

  2. YES, YES, AND YES! this is what will keep me comin' back ;)