Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Baseballs. Footballs. Basketballs.

Let's focus on these three sports for now. There are WAY TOO MANY sports to cover at once, so let's start small.

There are 2 "parts" of the baseball league, a.k.a the MLB. Once a year, a team from each side plays the other, for the big trophy. Over the past few weeks, the San Francisco Giants made it all the way to the World Series (the grand finale of baseball season), where they beat the Texas Rangers. The orange and black can now call themselves WORLD CHAMPS! Now the boys can rest until Spring Training starts in February.

Again, 2 "parts" in this league, the NFL. The 2 "parts" are known as conferences. It is currently football season and these athletes are all fighting to make it to the Super Bowl in February. After playoffs, football season all comes down to one game, instead of a series (like baseball & basketball). Last year, the New Orleans Saints & the Indianapolis Colts made it to the showdown. The Saints came out on top. This is the sport that dominates all guys' life come Sundays and Monday nights. (We won't even get into college, which will glue a guy to the couch on Saturdays as well.)

Once again, 2 parts. These 2 conferences make up the NBA. Last year, after a long playoff series, the Los Angeles Lakers took home the championship trophy, leaving the Boston Celtics heartbroken. Basketball is also currently in season! You can catch a game almost daily until the end of Spring 11'. Lucky girls!


  1. chels i love it!!! lovin the lingo and definitely the boy pics :)

  2. Love it Chels!! Dad is soo proud of his "sports nut" daughter!!ox