Friday, November 19, 2010


Congrats babes! You've made it through another treacherous work week and are ready to take on the weekend!

Feel ready to step your game up and actually catch some football this weekend?! I know that a crowded bar full of raging football fans can be a bit intimidating.. but here are some games to pay attention to. These are the more important NFL games of the week(end) and most likely the games that your friends will want to watch. Throw out some of the info that I'm about to so generously provide you, and you'll be a real babe magnet in the bar. 


Green Bay Packers* vs. Minnesota Vikings 10:00 a.m.
Though the Packers have a better record and are picked to win this game, Brett Favre is the Quarterback for the Vikings. This may not mean anything to you, but it's a pretty big deal. Favre was the Packers QB for 16 seasons, which is an eternity in the NFL. He will be playing his previous team this Sunday, and that's always fun to watch. Also, little tip for my Chico alums.. the QB of the Packers, Aaron Rodgers, was born & raised in Chico! Holla!

Oakland Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers* 10:00 a.m.
Both of these teams are tied for 1st in their division and fighting for the top spot. Even though the Raiders have majorly sucked in recent years, they are somehow winning games now. If you live in The Bay, you'll be sure to see your fair share of silver and black on Sunday. The Steelers are picked to win and I'm hoping that happens. (Sorry to all the Raider fans out there, but I just can't do it.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. San Francisco 49ers 1:05 p.m.
If you live in The Bay, or better yet, SF, this will be the highlight of day (at least in the bars). The NFL experts were a split decision when picking the winners of this game, even though the Bucc's have a much better record. As of now, Troy Smith, the 49ers 3rd string QB, will be starting this weekend. The Niners are hoping Troy plays well like last week, and can pull out another win for The Bay.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots* 1:15 p.m.
These two teams have been continuously strong throughout the decade. Tom Brady, a.k.a Mr. Gisele Bundchen, a.k.a major hottie, is the Patriots QB and he is always a pleasure to watch. (This is a good tip for sports in general. If you can't handle being a sports fan, always focus on the game with the best looking leader. It will make your experience a little less painful.) Both of these teams are in the top spot of their divisions and are fighting to keep it that way. 


Philadelphia Eagles* vs. New York Giants 5:20 p.m.
Still going strong on your Sunday Funday? Catch this night time game at the bar or on your couch in your P.J.'s. The Eagles & Giants are in the same division, and tied for 1st. Looks like this should be an old fashioned shootout. 

Beat the Monday blues by watching MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL:

San Diego Chargers* vs. Denver Broncos 5:30 p.m.
My personal favorite, the San Diego Chargers, will be taking on the Denver donkeys Broncos Monday night. Though the Chargers aren't doing as well as they were supposed to be (tear), they are still, let's say, interesting, to watch. It's also the Monday Night game, which is a hit among football fans. Make Monday feel a little bit better by catching the game, along side a Vodka Tonic, or four.

Have some fun ladies! and have a great weekend!

*Team picked by NFL experts to win 

---I put all the game times in Pacific Time Zone to make it easier on everyone (assuming you're in CA). So get to the bars early if you're trying to catch a 10 a.m. game on Sunday! Completely appropriate if you're still sporting Saturday night's makeup. No judgements.

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