Saturday, November 13, 2010

College Cuties

SaturDAYs are all about college football

photo via ratestogo

For many avid sports junkies, college sports are do or die. Pride runs deep throughout major college campuses and students love to show honor, any way possible. Whether its body paint, or a beer bong coordinated to the schools colors, these fans know how to represent. 

photo via Phi Kappa Psi 

These athletes are young, sprung, and the best part about it them = they aren't getting paid to play. Most of them are still in love with the game, and not in love with a paycheck. Plus, watching college sports can take college alums, like myself, back to our glory days. Shout out to all my Chico Wildcats! It also doesn't hurt that these young studs are in their pre-beer belly/receding hairline days. Hellooo Christian Ponder.....

photo via zimbio

I know Saturdays can be spent curling up on your couch, catching up on reality TV, but that's what TiVO is for. So turn your blush in for some face paint, your Starbucks in for a beer, and flip on a college game!

*Tip - if you can't decide which team to root for, go with the cutest jerseys. 

Not a football fan? Here's a link to the NCAA (The National Collegiate Athletics Association), where you can dab into the college sport of your fancy. 

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