Monday, November 22, 2010

Tweet, Tweet!

As if there isn't already enough opportunity to lurk celebs, thanks to social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Four Square, etc., there's also TWITTER!! A simple way to stalk 24/7. For those of you who indulge in the world of twittering, here are some of my favorite athletes to follow/know what they're doing at ALL times. Add them to your list of followers and you'll be much more aware of the latest and greatest in the world of sports. Time to get your lurk on!

1. Baron Davis - @Baron_Davis, LA Clippers
2. Derek Fisher - @derekfisher, LA Lakers
3. Lamar Odom - @RealLamarOdom, LA Lakers
4. Shaquille O'Neal - @THE_REAL_SHAQ, Boston Celtics
5. LeBron James - @KingJames, Miami Heat

1. C.J. Wilson - @str8edgeracer, Texas Rangers
2. Nick Swisher - @NickSwisher, New York Yankees

1. Chris Cooley - @thecooleyzone, Washington Redskins
2. Shawne Merriman - @shawnemerriman, Buffalo Bills
3. Nick Barnett - @NickBarnett, Green Bay Packers
1. Reggie Bush - @reggie_bush, New Orleans Saints
2. Drew Brees - @drewbrews, New Orleans Saints
3. Chad Ochocinco - @ochocinco, Cincinatti Bengals
4. Mark Sanchez - @Mark_Sanchez, New York Jets

1. Tony Hawk - @tonyhawk, Skateboarding
2. Lance Armstrong - @lancearmstrong, Cycling
3. Rob Dyrdek - @robdyrdek, Skateboarding
4. Ryan Sheckler - @RyanSheckler, Skateboarding
5. Carey Hart - @hartluck, Motocross
7. Shaun White - @Shaun_White, Snowboarding
8. Andy Roddick - @andyroddick, Tennis
9. Cristiano Ronaldo - @cristiano, Soccer
10. Landon Donovan - @landondonovan, Soccer

1. Danica Patrick - @DanicaPatrick, Indy racing
2. Jennie Finch - @jfinch27, Softball
3. Lindsey Vonn - @lindseyvonn, Skiing
4. Serena Williams - @serenawilliams, Tennis
5. Dara Torres - @daratorresswims, Swimming

Who knows how these players have so much time to tweet with such a hectic lifestyle, but I'm not complaining!


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