Monday, November 15, 2010

LINGO that won't make you look stupid

Ever feel like your THAT GIRL while watching a game? You think you've got the game down, and then you go and blurt something like "Yayy!! Kobe Bryant scored a homerun!". (If you don't see anything wrong with that comment, PLEASE keep reading this blog.)

Are you constantly confusing basketball talk with baseball slang? Well, let me just say "YOU'RE WELCOME" in advance, because I've laid out some important differences between sports. Now instead of being THAT GIRL, you can help her out!

Scoring Options:
Football - Touchdowns (counts for 6, with possible extra point conversion of 1 or 2 pts), Field Goal (counts for 3), Safety (counts for 2)
Baseball - Runs (score depends on how many runs each team gets)          
Basketball - Points (can be 1, 2 or 3 per shot)

Football - Referees
Baseball - Umpires
Basketball - Referees

Breakdown of the Game:
Football - Quarters (15 minutes)
Baseball - Innings (no time limits)                           
Basketball - Quarters (12 minutes)

Championship Game(s):
Football - Super Bowl
Baseball - World Series
Basketball - NBA Finals

Playing Fields:
Football - Field
Baseball - Field
Basketball - Court

P.S. It's okay to take notes for your next game viewing. 

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