Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today is Thursday! Do you know what that means?! You're about to embark on a weekend full of fun, friends, and let's not forget football (basketball is on too, but that didn't start with an "F"). Make the most out of football & basketball season and catch a game! Even if you only watch a few minutes of one, you'll feel a little sportier already. The way I see it, most of us will spend our Thursday night at Happy Hour, in front of the T.V., or hanging with our man, so might as well know what's going on!

Here's the lineup of todays games:

Thursday, November 11th (Happy Veteran's Day!)

Football (yes, there will games on Thursdays too!)

There are many other games between now and Monday as well. Go to the links to the right, under "Links to Love", depending on which sport you're interested in. You'll find a full schedule for the season of your choice, so mark your calendars accordingly!

So whether you're a Bay Area girl rooting for the Warriors, or a So Cal lady who loves the Lakers, have a great Thursday night watching some ballers sweat! And if you can't handle watching sports yet, this way you'll be able to plan around times you're boyfriend/husband will be M.I.A. 

*ET=Eastern Time. Sporting event times are almost always listed in the Eastern Time Zone, so don't be fooled. For those of you who live in CA, that means the game is actually on 3 hours ahead. 

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