Sunday, November 14, 2010

Old Farts

They say men get better with age and in this case, they sure do! Though some of these players are only in their late 30's, in pro sports, that's ancient. Sometimes these players just have a hard time throwing in the towel and retiring ..cough, cough, Brett Favre. But, that also means we have more time to watch these silver foxes do their thang. Here are some of the most attractive man-cougars out there. Rarrr!

Brett Favre, 41
     photo via nydailynews

Matt Stover, 42
photo via heraldsun

Adam Vinatieri, 37
     photo via Magic 93.9

Terrell Owens, 36 

Martin St. Louis, 35
     photo via craveonline

Grant Hill, 38
photo via mkrob

Jason Kidd, 37
     photo via NBA

Trevor Hoffman, 43
photo via  golden sombrero

Derek Jeter, 36
photo via zimbio
Be sure to catch a NFL game today.. Have a good Sunday Funday babes!

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