Monday, August 1, 2011

NFL Traders

I go on vacation for a week and the NFL blows up.

From the end of the lockout to endless trades and resigning deals, everything in the football world is buzzing.

The NFL players and owners finally sucked it up and came to an agreement, leaving the lockout lifted as of last week. It's official ladies, football is back (well, almost!).

Since the lockout has ended, the NFL has been in a frenzy of free-agent trades, aka players switching to different teams. Though it can be too much to keep up with, and a lot can go over your head, I'll give you some of the biggest trades of the week. Here are a few big-name players (who you have hopefully heard of), and where they have ended up.

Donovan McNabb, from Redskins to the Vikings
The record-breaking quarterback will see if he has any steam left for Minnesota.

photo via Mlive

Chad Ochocinco, from the Bengals to the Patriots
The ever-entertaining Ochocinco will head off to join Tom Brady in New England.

photo via NewsOne

Takeo Spikes, from the 49ers to the Chargers
The veteran linebacker leaves behind the fog and heads to the sunshine in San Diego.

photo via cbcsports

Matt Hasselbeck, from the Seahawks to the Titans
Hasselbeck is the brother-in-law to The View host Elisabeth and will now run the field in Tennessee.

photo via The Tennessean

Reggie Bush, from the Saints to the Dolphins
Kim K's ex is no longer living the life in NOLA and will now take the field in Miami.

photo via USC

and in other NFL news...

photo via Scrape

After 13 unforgettable seasons in the NFL, Randy Moss announced his retirement today. Although saying that you retire in the NFL usually means that you'll just un-retire and come back next season, it's still breaking news.

Preseason games start in just a couple weeks, so until then, get your fantasy football leagues all situated and get set for the best part of the year (and for a Chargers Super Bowl ring!).

Get a fantasy football refresher here and get ready for some football!

Cosmo Clue:
The NFL lockout has ended and trades are happening throughout the league.

Get more trade info and everything NFL here.

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