Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Game Day Attire

With football season officially in motion, it's time to buy some tickets and plan Sunday soiree's around game time. Besides the necessities for a game—whether you're tailgating or hangin' at home—like beer, bbq's and yummy grub, you'll also need to get your game day outfits all set. And unless you want to be that girl wearing the pink jersey (sorry to all the pink-loving ladies, but it's just a big NO with football), stick to these staples below.

1. Victoria's Secret t-shirt
2. Tom's shoes
3. Face tattoos
4. Skinny jeans

Even if you aren't totally into jerseys, pick up a cute team tee from Victoria's Secret and you can still support your boys. Be sure to shy away from heels, as in DO NOT EVER wear them to a game because you will definitely look like a diva, and stick to cute kicks (closed toed is better when you're surrounded by thousands of beer-spilling babes). Pick up some fun face tattoos for a little extra spunk and team spirit. I prefer skinny, dark jeans for games, because they won't drag on the nasty ground and every color top looks good with dark denim.

So to repeat: No pink. No heels. 
And for comfort, pick up a cross-body bag.

 Cosmo Clue:
Have fun with this total excuse for a trip to the mall! 

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