Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girls Guide to Fantasy Football

Who's ready for a little friendly competition? As the regular season of the NFL approaches, along comes fantasy football, which can be a super fun event if you let it be. I've been getting a zillion questions from girlfriends about everything fantasy, and I figured I'd give it my best shot to give some pointers.

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Warning: I am no fantasy guru. I'm about 50/50 when it comes to winning leagues, aka I'm not that good. But I do understand the system and have some pointers to get you started. 

1. Consistency. 
This has been my downfall in the past. You HAVE to keep up with your fantasy team and maintain a healthy roster. You need to check your team multiple times a week and ESPECIALLY before the first game of the week starts (usually Thursday nights). Once a player on your team starts a game, you can't move that player around. Check to see if anyone got hurt or isn't playing that week. If a player of yours is out, you'll have to switch him out of your lineup with a backup or draft/trade fresh meat.

2. Do your research (a little goes a long way).
Go to as many sites as you can before draft day and scour different strategies. There are endless strategies out there and, again, I am not the person to tell you which to choose. Some fantasy addicts swear to draft multiple running backs right of the bat, while others say to pick the best QB first. Check here for all you could ever desire to learn (and more) when it comes to fantasy strategies. 

3. Stray from your team and the babes.
I know, I know. In a perfect world you'd be able to draft all the players from your favorite NFL teams, or the hottest players from around the league. And you can. But you'll lose. I learned this the hard way my first fantasy season, drafting every Charger I could get my hands on and coming close to last. Though it's fun to have your boys on your roster, make sure to take the best players per position, and this may mean straying from your hometown heroes.

4. Know the players you DON'T want. 
This is an easy way to recruit players backwards, without having to know every player in the league. Make a list of players who you hate and players who suck or tend to get hurt a lot. You probably don't want these players on your team, unless you feel like being super risky. Players who will never make my squad: Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Jay Cutler.

5. Ask a guy.
As much as I try to prove otherwise, unfortunately guys usually know best in this situation. Where us females can name every brand sold at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, most males can name every NFL player (and where they went to college, what their stats are and so much more that we tend to block out). No hard feelings here sporty girls, but it tends to be the truth. Suck up your pride and ask a guy for help when drafting. Bribe him with a beer and burger post draft, and I'm sure he'll be willing to help you along throughout the process.

6. Have fun!
I know it sounds corny, but seriously, just have a good time. Sure, you're probably throwing some money into the competition and your pride is at stake, but just try your best and enjoy football season. Make draft day with your friends entertaining and make sure to plan something for a post-season wrap up. (Friends from my league, how do you all feel about a little flag football game once the season is done?!)

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So do your studying pre-draft day and try to have in mind a handful of players at each position that you're interested in. (Don't stress though, even if your player gets picked before it's your turn, just go to the next-ranked guy.)

Good luck, girls! Your fantasy awaits you... 
(Sorry, couldn't resist putting that line in.)

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  1. I just happened to find your blog while googling images. Awesome site! I love this article! (Although I totally ignored rule #3 and went straight for the hotties.) Oh well, it's my first draft ever, so live and learn, I guess! Keep up the great work!

  2. I love this post! My draft is tomorrow and I'm the only lady in the league...knew I could turn to you for advice!! So helpful, and now I feel confident! How do you feel about following draft averages??

  3. I love this post! My draft is tomorrow and I'm the only lady in the league...knew I could turn to you for advice!! So helpful, and now I feel confident! How do you feel about following draft averages??