Friday, August 12, 2011

TGIF (Thank God it's football)

I don't know about you girls, but a smile hasn't left my face since the NFL lockout was lifted. 

Last night kicked off the official start to the NFL season (preseason at least) and the best time of the year. It is with great pleasure to finally say...HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON! 

 photo via Fanpop

Time for Sundays full of tailgating (or being stuffed into a sports bar), babes on the field and vicious rivalries between fans.

Some of you might be confused as to what preseason is and what the point of it is. In the short, preseason consists of about a month of games for teams to get comfortable playing together (since each team has rookies and new players from other teams), to give the backups some playing time, to see which players make the final cut of the roster, and not to mention the NFL rakes in extra cash with preseason. 

The preseason games don't count towards the official records of the season, and since most starters don't really play, it's not always the best insight to how a team will finish. But still, it means football starts and that's all I care about. 

Unfortunately, my beloved Chargers lost to the Seahawks last night in the last few minutes, but our starters and ultimate babe of a quarterback Philip Rivers (below) looked strong. 

 photo via Value Sports Picks

There are more preseason games all weekend and for the next few weeks until regular season starts on September 8th. 

For those of you participating in fantasy football, get a quick refresher here. I'll do a post in the next few days on the top players to draft for a little extra help. 
Have a great weekend of football, ladies!

Cosmo Clue:
NFL preseason started last night.

Click here to see the entire NFL schedule.

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