Monday, May 30, 2011

Championship Swag

While many of you ladies are celebrating Memorial Day with drinks, vacations and red white and blue, some sports junkies have been glued to their TVs on a weekend full of games.

From soccer, to lacrosse, baseball, basketball and finally hockey, I think I've broken a record for the amount of sporting events watched in a week. (Thanks in big part to my brother who is staying with me for the weekend and is too young to branch out to the bars.)

NHL and NBA playoffs have come to the peak of professional sports...the FINALS.

photo via Bleacher Report

The Boston Bruins (third seed) will take on the Vancouver Canucks (first seed) in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, only one team taking the Cup with them. Game 1 is on Wednesday at 8 pm ET. First to take four games wins it all. 

photo via Bleacher Report

When it comes to basketball, the Miami Heat will be battling the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. Whichever team can pull off four wins first will be the 2011 NBA Champs. Game 1 is on Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

By now you should all know that the NHL champs get the Stanley Cup per winning, and the NBA champs get a championship ring. Trophies and jewels...what's the big deal, right? But that's not it. Let's take a look at what else comes with the championship honor:

  • Most likely more $ in their near future, as many winners will get endorsement deals, sign larger contracts and their individual salaries may increase.
  • Smack-talking reign. When you are the champs, you can run your mouth until the next season starts (and even longer if you remain on top).
  • More $ again. (Bandwagon) fans would rather wear the jersey of a championship team and championship players, putting more in the bank with merchandise sold.
  • Ladies. Obviously girls want to date champions. Like these athletes weren't getting enough before...
  • More love from your city. The moment a team enters the playoffs, let alone the finals, people in the competing city go nuts. Sports fan or not, when your team is fighting for 1st, you'll become a fan (at least until they get knocked out). 
  • Pride. Winning a championship isn't something that happens everyday, and most athletes go without ever sitting on top. Winning is literally the dream come true for these guys.
  • A chance at MVP awards. On top of being a champ, a player from each team gets to be the best of the best. Doesn't get much better than that.

So beyond the legendary bling these winners get to call their own, they also take home the honor of being champions and making a whole city happy. 

Make sure to check out some games during the Finals, ladies. Good luck to all the teams and the fans rooting along!

Cosmo Clue:
NBA and NHL Finals are starting this week.

Want some predictions and more on the finals? Click here for NHL and here for NBA.

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