Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That's What She Said

When it comes to sports, guys usually know a hell-of-a-lot more than girls. Not because they are smarter (we all know who would win that competition) or cooler, but because they are pretty much bred to care. While little girls are usually busy playing dress up and watching Cinderella, boys are already playing tackle football and channeling their inner Peyton Manning.

But, there are indeed tons of sport-obsessed ladies out there who could put any guy to shame. To see where my girlfriends fell on the sports knowledge scale, I enticed them with a fun little quiz. 

I simply asked the girls to write what came to mind when they thought of the following things, and I chose a few of my favorite answers (not saying they were in fact the best answers). Thumbs up for trying and even bigger thumbs up for some of these ridiculous answers. (But please tell me you girls were joking with a few?)

-that stupid Yankee who wears his pants too tight
-sexy, plays for the Yankees, but better known for being sexy
-# of celebrities he's banged > # of RBIs

2. NHL
-love it for the Super Bowl 
-no one cared until Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff married two hotties from the league
-National Hotties League 

-cheater, hot in red, winning
-Liar. Cheater. Gross. Disturbing. But damn good athlete.
-“Elin thought she was marrying a tiger but ended up with a cheetah”

-baseball going into the nards of someone by a wild pitch

-a what-off?
-starring John Travolta & Nicholas Cage.

 photo via Amherst College

6. A pickle
-deeeelish on the side of a deli sandwich
-the Sandlot, also Snookie

-sex tape with Kim K made me want to have sex with him
-stupid at tweeting. not stupid at playing.
-Kim K's biggest mistake (the break up)

- professional bowling league event

-wish the 49ers had one
-Tom Brady (yum)
-cute butts

10. Dugout
-sunflower seeds, guy talk, and cup adjusting
-a bunch of butt slapping! 
-seems like a good time if you know what I mean 

-don't want to admit it to myself. their colors are orange and black.

-time-out for athletes
-hella aggressive men who are usually bloody and extremely sweaty

13. Hottest athlete
-just one?
-David Beckham, duh
-Tom Brady (short hair), Brain Wilson (no beard)
-trick question, every professional athlete is automatically hotttt

 photo via EuropaPlus

14. Favorite thing about sports
-attractive, sweaty men
-memories you create around them
-that you can make an instant connection with a complete stranger if you both love the same team (also stadium food and beer rank in a close second)

15. Least favorite thing about sports
-that it's always on at my house
-when your team starts losing, your buzz starts losing
-the Dodgers, Lakers, Raiders, Yankees and Tiger Woods.

Props to all my girls who played along, even if you thought the NHL had to do with football. If you were clueless about more than a few's time to catch a game. (It's totally fine if you are more interested in the cute-butted QB, but just learn a few things).

Cosmo Clue:
Girls are funny 

*And for the record, there were some legit, right answers from the girls. But, these were just sooo much more entertaining.

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