Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Derby Days

Some of you may know of the Kentucky Derby more for the outrageous hats and fancy attire, but it is actually a legendary sports event. It's the horse racing event of the year, and if you're into betting, horses, or anything in between, you're pumped. Even if you aren't into short jockeys or betting, you can't deny that getting on your prettiest dress isn't a tad bit fun.

Kim Kardashian and mom at the Derby, 2009
photo via Daily Fill

 People empty their wallets to bet on the ponies and if luck strikes it can bring in a lot of cash. There are brackets and actual technique behind betting, but who gets that stuff? I'm a simple girl and I choose my horse in a simple manner; by best name. The horses always have interesting names, ranging from "Pants on Fire" to "Mucho Macho Man" this year.

Here are some fun facts about the race:
  • The race lasts only two minutes and is nicknamed "The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports." 
  • It always takes place on the first Saturday of May and this year it falls on May 7th.
  • The 1st place horse wins over a million bucks.
  • The horses competing are all 3-year-old Thoroughbreds.
  • It takes place in Louisville, Kentucky (hence, the Kentucky Derby).
  • The Mint Julep - bourbon, mint & a sugar syrup - is the traditional drink of choice for the day. Yum!
  • Another nickname for the race: "The Run for the Roses", because the winner gets 554 roses.
  • "Millionaire's Row" refers to the expensive box seats where the big boys (and girls!) sit. 
  • The Kentucky Derby is the oldest, continuous sporting event in the United States. 
 photo via Belmont Stakes

Even if you don't have the loaded bank account to head to Louisville and bet on the ponies, you can set up bets with your fellow poor friends.

Grab your most elaborate hat, a pretty sundress and get the mint juleps ready. It's racing season! 

 photo via Gambling 911

Cosmo Clue:
The Kentucky Derby is on May 7th and is the biggest horse racing event of the year.

 More on the Derby.

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