Monday, May 9, 2011

Beat LA

In every professional sport there are the teams that everyone loves to love or loves to hate. If you are a die-hard (or bandwagon) fan, you rep these teams 'til your death. And if you're the opposite, the haters, you despise these teams more than anything. In the MLB, we have the Yankees, in the NFL, the Raiders, and in the NBA, we have the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Whether you're a purple and yellow loving follower, or you'd rather break every bone in your body before you watch the Lakers win a championship, you were watching the Lakers fail in the playoffs.

Kobe Bryant mourns the loss 
 photo via Lakers Blog

I'm neither a fan or foe, but even I got a glimpse of this desperate attempt and playoff end. The Lakers choked. Big time. (Sorry to all of my Laker-loving So Calers).

Kobe & co. lost in four straight games to the Dallas Mavericks, with last night's game sealing the deal of a semifinal sweep. And on top of that, long-time and influential Lakers coach, Phil Jackson, is retiring. Somebody get the Lakers some tissues - they are going to need them. 

Lakers head coach, Phil Jackson
photo via Sports World

After a farewell to the Lakers season and coach, there are still teams fighting to make it to the conference finals and beyond.

The Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls are tied at 2-2, and they will play Game 5 tomorrow at 8 ET. 

The Miami Heat is currently up a game over the Boston Celtics at 3-1. The next game is Wednesday at 7 ET. 

Oklahoma City Thunder is (as I type) down a game to the Memphis Grizzles at 2-1. The game is on right now, so we'll see who picks up Game 4. No matter who wins tonight, they'll play again later this week. 

Cosmo Clue:
The Los Angeles Lakers get swept in the semifinals, as other teams continue to battle. 

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