Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Class of 2011

For some, high school was an awkward blur of the past better to be forgotten. For others, it was the highlight of their lives. Whether you were the most talked about person in school, or the least, everyone identified with some sort of group. From the geeks, to the burnouts, to the jocks, the hierarchy of social rankings ranged big time.

Professional sports can be compared to high school stereotypes, with the steroid-abusing meatheads, to the All-American boys next door. You've got the guys who need a little more attention, and the guys who are a dream to coach. Let's take a look at which famous athletes would top their class.

Most Popular
Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
Not only is he one of the top NBA players of all time and gorgeous, he's also had a scandalous past.
photo via SMSEO
Runner Up: Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

Most Likely to Succeed
Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants
This baby won Rookie of the Year in 2010 and picked up a World Series ring on the way.
photo via Business Insider
Runner Up: Trevor Cahill, Oakland A's

Most Athletic
Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers
This star tight end didn't even play football in college—he played basketball.
photo via NFLnewsworld
Runner Up: Chad Ochocinco, Cincinnati Bengals

Best Personality
LaDainian Tomlinson, New York Jets
A man of charities and a sincere grin, no one ever has anything bad to say about LT.
photo via NYDailyNews
Runner Up: Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Lakers

Best Looking
Mark Sanchez, New York Jets
I'm a sucker for a jock. I'm an even bigger sucker for a dark-tall-and-handsome jock.
Runner Up: David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy

Biggest Flirt
Tiger Woods (golf)
No explanation necessary. Bastard.
photo via ShowBizspy
Runner Up: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

Class Clown
Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants
From overgrown beards to attention-grabbing stints, B Wilson always takes it to the next level.
photo via Huffington Post
Runner Up: Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts 

Teacher's Pet
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
Amazing father, Super Bowl champ, legendary QB, NFL anti-lockout leader...need I say more?
photo via WeAllScheme
Runner Up: Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox

Biggest Mouth
Terrell Owens, Cincinnati Bengals
From his tweets to his rips on Jessica Simpson, T.O. has a comment for everything.
photo via Bleacher Report
Runner Up: Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

Best Couple
Tom Brady (New Englad Patriots) and Gisele Bundchen
Super Bowl quarterback and a stunning supermodel. Can't compete with that.
photo via Posh24
Runner Up: Andy Roddick (tennis) and Brooklyn Decker

Biggest Trouble Maker 
Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
Bad dude in so many ways. 
photo via EdKopesky
Runner Up: Sean Avery, New York Rangers

Cosmo Clue:
Professional athletes come in all shapes, sizes and standards.

Who would you vote for?

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