Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hockey Heaven

For all you hockey-loving ladies, congratulations! Today marks the start of the 2011 NHL Playoffs.

The 16 NHL teams who have advanced to the playoffs will start making their way towards the Stanley Cup today. 

 photo via The Hockey Zone

The Stanley Cup is the trophy that the top team is awarded. The coolest thing about the Cup? Unlike other professional trophies, there is only one Stanley Cup. There isn't a new one made every year—it's passed from champion to champion. All members of the winning team not only get their names etched into the trophy, but they also each get to spend one day with it. They can bring it home to share with their loved ones and locals, or drink champagne out of it solo on the couch. It's up to them.

For all my CA girls...the San Jose Sharks, LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks have all made it to the playoffs this season. So whether for you rep The Bay, LA or Orange County, try to catch some hockey hunks duking it out this week. 

Warning: If you don't like fights, blood and really hot guys, hockey might not be for you.

Cosmo Clue:
The NHL Playoffs start today.

For a full schedule and more info, click here.

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