Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Draft Day

Though the NBA & NHL playoffs are uber exciting right now, we need to take a break and switch gears to football and the NFL. Yes, the amazing, exciting, fabulous sport that may or may not be in affect this year. But even with all the lockout lameness, the 2011 NFL Draft is still happening.

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Draft analysis' (and most likely your boyfriend and every guy you come into contact with) have been yapping about the draft for months. The time is finally here (almost!). 

Since the draft can be sort of confusing, most guys aren't willing to help. Whatever you do, just don't ask a guy how the process works during it. You'll either get snapped at, shushed away or given a nasty blank stare. It's like talking to us during an episode of Sex & the City. It's just off-limits.

To prep you for draft day and to forgo the mean looks from your guy, I'm here to help. Here are some of the basics on the draft. 

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What is the draft? 
The NFL teams choose eligable rookies out of college to join their teams. 

When is it? 
Round 1 (there are different rounds) starts on Thursday. Round 7 (the last round) wraps up on Saturday.

Where does it take place?
At Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

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Who gets to pick first?
NFL teams' selections depend on their record from last season (with the exception of the Super Bowl teams, who always go last). Basically, selections go from the worst teams choosing first, to the best teams choosing last. It's the one time that coming in last comes in handy. Here is a list of the draft order for Round 1.

Who do the NFL teams pick?
Most NFL teams figure out where their teams need help, and draft a player who dominates in certain positions. For example: If a team doesn't have a great QB, they'll usually look for a rookie with a good arm and so on. Having holes on a squad plays a huge role in where and who the team will draft. Also, some teams will draft a player, even though they already have a stud in that position, to start making a future-franchise superstar.

Who attends the draft?
Some big-wigs in the NFL, fans, analysts, rep's for the teams, etc., and a record 25 rookie players are scheduled to attend this year. The team's owners, coaches and personnel stay off-site, in their local areas, phoning in selections and deals.

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How many players get drafted? 
There are 7 rounds, and an NFL team picks a player per round. 224 players are selected to teams each year (32 NFL teams). There is no limit to how many rookies can declare though, and many players will go undrafted.

I could get real complicated and try to explain how NFL teams can swap round picks with other teams, but I won't. I've only had one cup of coffee today and my brain just won't go there. If you want to be a draft day know-it-all, read up on it for yourself here.

 So whether the draft means nothing to you, or everything, at least now you won't have to ask the boys about it. You're pretty much a draft day diva now. Congratulations!

Wondering who the rookies are that will go quickly in the draft? Stay tuned for Thursday's post!

Cosmo Clue:
The NFL Draft takes place this Thursday-Sunday.

More on everything draft right here.

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