Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movies That Rule

While there's no denying that some of the most legendary sports films are testosterone heavy, there are also some epic female-centered classics. Stuck on ideas for date night with your man? Or trying to find the next movie for a girls night in? Here are some of the most famous sports movies, classified into whatever you're looking for.

With the BF solo:

-The Sandlot
Quite possibly one of the best movies ever made, but I've met girls who just don't get it.
photo via Texas Theatre

-Field of Dreams
Baseball legends and Kevin Costner. A few of a man's favorite things.

-Any Given Sunday
A little too abrasive for most girls (myself included), but guys love anything Al Pacino.

Though I don't personally get too big of a kick out of this movie, boys do.

Sylvester Stallone and boxing. Two things girls aren't usually thrilled on, but a classic for sure.

-Bull Durham
I think this is my dad's, brother's, uncle's and grandpa's favorite movie. GUYS DIG IT.

With your BF and BFF(s):

-Remember the Titans
A feel-good movie that gets me every time.
photo via Blogspot

-The Blind Side
Based on a true story, this flick melts the hearts of the girls and has enough football for the boys.

-The Mighty Ducks
Need I say more?

By far my favorite sports movie EVER. You can't help but love and root for Rudy in this one.

-Varsity Blues
Naked girls and hot guys. Everyone wins.

-Cool Runnings
If this doesn't remind you of your childhood, I don't know what does.

-Coach Carter
Not only is this movie emotionally amazing, but Channing Tatum is one of the stars. Winner!

-Talladega Nights

-White Men Can't Jump
I don't know if I love this movie more for the basketball or the sweet early '90s wardrobe, but I love it.

With your BFF(s) solo:

-A League of Their Own
-By far the best female sports movie ever. There's no crying in baseball. 
photo via Glogster

-She's the Man
Classic or not, again, Channing Tatum.

-Love & Basketball
One of the best love stories ever and it incorporates basketball for all my sporty girls.

-Bring it On
This brings me back to the cheerleading days, and is a movie no girl can resist. 

-Blue Crush
Kate Bosworth pre-eating disorder. Always a good go-to movie for time with the ladies.

So whether you save this list for a rainy day, or find yourself having a lazy weekend, grab your guy or girlfriends and check out some of these flicks.

Cosmo Clue:
Guys aren't the only stars of the best sports movies ever made.

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