Monday, June 27, 2011

World Cup

Soccer is a sport that everyone loves. Most of us played it growing up and most of us are too out of shape to keep up in a game today, yet it still holds a special place in our hearts. Even if you weren't a soccer diehard growing up, we can all appreciate the babe factor that soccer players posses (hello, David Beckham). 

Another sweet factor when it comes to soccer? The studly players don't only come in the male genre. Girls definitely rep soccer just as well as the boys do, and the FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off this weekend. 16 teams around the world qualify for the World Cup, with Germany as the event's host this year.

photo via FIFA

 Straight out of the US of A, our national team is ranked first coming into the competition, and we've got some major talent on the field. 

From 21-year-old Cal alum, Alex Morgan,
 photo via ESPN Soccer

to veteran player Kristine Lilly,

the American girls are hoping to come out champs.

Support your fellow females by catching these two and the rest of the national team in their first game vs. Korea on Tuesday. Soccer-themed dinner party anyone?


Cosmo Clue:
The Women's World Cup started Sunday, July 26th.

Everything FIFA World Cup right here.

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