Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting Pucked Up

The Stanley Cup Finals are in full swing and these hockey stars are nothing short of badass. From punches to knockouts, these guys are bringing toughness to a whole new level. 

The Boston Bruins are down to the Vancouver Canucks 2-1 in this intensely aggressive series. Check out some of these crazy man-on-man scuffles we've witnessed so far.  

  Vancouver's Aaron Rome gives a hard late hit to Boston's Nathan Horton

Aaron Rome is suspended for the rest of the series and Bruins player Nathan Horton is out of the hospital (but he won't be able to play anymore this season). More on the story here.

Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas body checks Canucks player Henrik Sedin

Bruins star Milan Lucic delivers a punch to Cauncks player Alex Burrows 

In my opinion, and these videos back it up, hockey is definitely one of the most brutal professional sports. Not only are these guys competing in a highly stressful game, but they are throwing out hits and watching their backs all while on ice! Most of us can barely stand up in an ice rink, let alone skate, strike and score. 

Not only does that require some major talent, but it also brings hockey studs to the brink of bad-boy hotness (with or without the teeth).

Game 4 of this exciting series in on tonight, 5 pm ET. Don't miss it.

Cosmo Clue:
Make sure to have a hockey player on your side if you ever find yourself in a bar fight.

More on the Stanley Cup Finals here.

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