Monday, July 11, 2011

Petco vs. AT&T

  I grew up hanging at the beach 24/7 and enjoying all San Diego has to offer, but I've lived in Northern Cal for the past seven years and have loved every minute of it.

Though I miss the Mexican food, warm temperatures and laid back feel of San Diego, San Francisco has grown on me more than I could have ever imagined.

Another thing that I left in San Diego were my beloved Padres. But being hundreds of miles away from SD has forced me to settle for Giants games at AT&T Park. At first I was a complete Padres snob and wanted nothing to do with anything Giants, including admitting that I secretly loved their stadium.

As I've gotten older and (slightly) less stubborn, I've decided that it's okay to be in love with a stadium and not necessarily a team. While my heart will ALWAYS be at Petco Park with the Padres, I've come to love and enjoy games at AT&T (though I will never ever ever root for the Giants).

I was lucky enough to attend a game at Petco and a Padres/Giants game at AT&T within the past month and wanted to do a little comparison to see which stadium is actually better.

Food: AT&T
Rated the favorite among all MLB stadiums, the folks at AT&T know the way to a baseball fan's heart. BOMB food.  (Though I wouldn't mind the option of a Rubio's fish taco like at Petco.)

photo via La Vie En Route

Seating: Petco (by a smidge)
Though AT&T has a designated place for rowdy fans (thank you, bleachers!), Petco has a grassy field where you can layout a beach towel and watch the game from the outfield. 

photo via MLBlogs

Location: Petco
Petco definitely has a better pre/afterparty scence by the field. With San Diego's lively Gaslamp within steps of the entrance, Padres fans are spoiled with endless restaurants and bars in walking distance.

Main Entrance: Petco
Sorry Willie Mays statue, but Petco's huge waterfall wall and palm tree walkway is something that can't be beat.

photo via Bae Systems

Parking: Petco
With a lot more room for parking and closer venues to tailgate, Petco beats out the insane traffic surrounding AT&T.

Scenery: AT&T
Nothing can beat the view from AT&T. The bay and Bay Bridge are the backdrop to the field and it's a gorgeous setting at any time of the day.

photo via Mopup Duty

Coolness: Tie
Petco has the lively San Diego vibe surrounded by downtown skyscrapers, while AT&T has the beautiful views and lots of pride.

Fans: AT&T
I hate to admit this, but the Giants fans at AT&T put most Padres fans to shame. Even before the Giants won the World Series last year, the energy at AT&T has always been nuts. SF loves their team and the players love their city right back.

 photo via National Post

Both stadiums have their negatives and their positives. In SF you'll enjoy an electric atmosphere full of supportive fans, but you'll freeze your ass off. In SD you'll be in shorts and a tank, but you'll be surrounded by fans of the other team.

But you know what? You shouldn't have to wear a ski suit to a baseball game. Petco wins.

Cosmo Clue:
Whether you're in Southern Cal or Northern, you're in for a treat at a baseball game.

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  1. I prefer Jack Murphy Stadium and Candlestick Park. I guess I could do PacBell Park.