Sunday, January 30, 2011


No plans tomorrow? Well, now you do! The Pro Bowl is on and you should probably watch it. Just think what a wonderful evening you could have - BBQ, beer, friends, football.. pretty much my idea of heaven. Even if you don't have a BBQ, or beer, or friends, at least you can turn on the tube & catch some football (you'll just be hungry, thirsty and lonely - but football can cure all). 

For those of you wondering what I'm talking about...

Players are voted on by NFL coaches, NFL players and fans. (It used to only be coaches & players voting, until fans were brought into the ballots in 1995). The top players from the AFC are selected and same goes for the NFC, but players competing in the Super Bowl are left out. (A cheerleader from each pro team gets to go too!)

The Pro Bowl is when NFL players from both sides (both conferences - AFC vs. NFC) duke it out. It's played like any other football game - players, coaches, plays, positions, rules (a bit different then regular NFL games), guys in crazy tight pants - 2 teams, 1 winner.


Aloha Staidum, Honolulu, HI

photo via ezplanit

January 30, 2011 @ 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Not only does the winning conference (team) get bragging rights, but the players get $$$. The winning team gets more bread than the other, but even the losers come out with a nice prize. Also, to be selected as "Pro Bowler", is a huge honor for these egos. It's just a fun event for NFL fans (and for the NFL to rack in more dough).

It's the perfect end to a weekend!

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