Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Dunks

Though I think it's one of the most exciting sports, basketball is one sport I don't know much about. Not because I don't like the sport, or enjoy watching it, but San Diego (where I grew up) doesn't have a team, and hasn't since before my birth. I've been sporting Chargers face tattoos and Padres gear since before I could walk, but without a hometown team, I never really caught on to bball.  I do catch a game here and there, but most of my basketball viewing consists of the clips I see on Sports Center. 

There is one name that I've been hearing OVER & OVER and some of the footage I've seen on this guy is INsane. No, it's not Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. This unbelievable athlete is Blake Griffin, a player for the Los Angeles Clippers.

photo via Opposing Views

 He's just a baby at 21 years old and is in his 2nd* season of the NBA. He attended the University of Oklahoma for only 2 years, before entering the NBA Draft in 2009. After having outstanding high school and college careers, it was no surprise when Griffin was selected first overall by the Clippers. He's KIND OF tall - 6'10 - no big deal - and weighs in around 250 lbs. His XL size isn't something that weighs him down though - he's known for his unreal dunks. He's breaking all kinds of records and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Check out a few of my favorite clips of this beast of a baller:

He is NUTS, right??

Keep an eye out for Griffin at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Feb. 19!

White men CAN jump.

*It's his 2nd season, but he was out his whole 1st season, due to an injury. 2010-2011 is still considered his "rookie season".


  1. Nice, Chels. I am actually much more of a Bball fan than a fan of football or baseball. This kid is a badass. LOVE those clips! I could watch that stuff all day, and NOT because I'm a dirty old lady...well not JUST because I'm a dirty old lady.......... ;)