Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunday Soiree

With the falling leaves and shorter days, it's only natural to want to bundle up inside and hide from the Fall weather. Though the colder months bring hibernation to an all-time high, the holiday seasons also hold host to the best part of the year: football season. Luckily for sports nuts like myself, Fall is a time for football overload (if there is such a thing). Whether you're head-over-heels in love with the sport, or forced to watch due to a man in your life, football should be a fun time for all. 

If you're a girl who loves to channel her inner Martha Stewart, all while sporting a jersey and rooting on your team, this post is for you. Not into cooking? Don't worry—that's what the grocery store is for. Not into football? Don't stress—think of this as a time to perfect your party planning.

Here is what you'll need for a fabulous football soiree this Fall:

Mini Crescent Dogs
To get guests cozy before game time, these Mini Crescent Dogs are an appetizer sensation. What's a game without a hot dog anyways? Don't worry if you're the non-domestic type—these come premade in the frozen section as well.

photo via Table Spoon

Spinach Dip
Don't let the vegetarians starve while serving the dogs. Having a non-meat selection as well can't hurt, and who can resist a dip? Whip up the Slow-Cooked Spinach Dip (which merits a healthy tag with the spinach, right?). Premade dips are available at the deli for you beginners. 

photo via Food Network

While football games last for several hours, party goers will most likely be ravished by half-time. Stick to the game theme and serve sliders for a thumbs up from all. These Kobe Sliders are a classic hit with a twist. It's not a bad idea to also offer Baby Portobello Sliders for the herbivors. Can't cook to save your life? Order different kinds of subs from your favorite sandwich spot.

Kobe Sliders
photo via Food Network

Baby Portobello Sliders

Beer Margaritas
Want to sip on something fun but not completely obsessed with the bloat of beer? These girly yet game-appropriate Beer Margaritas are sure to satisfy both sexes. To make the drinks less frilly for the boys, serve in a standard pint glass. Too lazy for the combo of alcohol? Buy boxed beer and call it a day. I don't think the guys will mind.

photo via Food Network

Appetizers, check. Hearty meal, check. Drinks, yup. Only one thing left—dessert, baby!

Cookie Truffles
Serve these super cute Football Cookie Truffles before the guests go. Chocolate, cookie crumbs, cream cheese—ahhh—is your mouth watering yet? Wrap up with these and your guests will deem you the BEST. HOST. EVER. Not a homemaker? Grab a dessert from your groceries bakery (pretending that you spent hours slaving away is totally up to you). 

photo via Cuisinart

Now you are completely set for a perfect Sunday indoors. Prep as much as you can the night before so you can enjoy your guests and of course the game. 

Hopefully this season you can learn to love football if you don't already. And if you're not there yet, at least enjoy the yummy meals (and babes) that come with the sport. Happy serving and don't forget your jersey!

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